Get-Big Diet

OK, I am going to start the get-big diet next week. Is the formula to get the calories((BW*16)*1.2)) good to use or should I use the newer formula from the growth surge or something else? I was also going to use the P+C and P+F as much as possible as well from massive eating. Any tips, tricks, info for me? This will be my introduction diet to counting calories as well, so I think I’ll get good results watching more closely what I eat and might(hopefully) lose some fat and gain some muscle at the same time. Thanks for any tips ahead of time.

If i were you i would use the calorie formula in the growth surge project. it is more exact and can be altered to your individual needs. i am following the get big diet now and it works well but the really simple calorie formula in it may give you less than you need.

Thanks, I’ll do that then.