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Get as Big as I Can and Shift Bodyfat

Hi guys. First time poster here and I am looking for some advice. Sorry for been so cheeky on my first post but Ive been reading a lot of stuff on the site and I reckon this is the best place to be asking questions.


Been training in the gym since March and I have made some gains in terms of gaining muscle and size. Ive put on about 10 pounds in weight. While my arms, chest, shoulders etc have got bigger I still have a bit of body fat and my stomach seems to have a fair bit of fat around it. My main aim is to basically push myself as much as I can and get bigger and bigger. Ideally I would love to put on another stone or 2 in muscle. Can I do this training like I am at the moment and still lose the fat around my stomach or should I just concentrate on getting bigger until I am at a size I like and then concentrate on losing the excess fat? My workout at the moment is

Monday: Chest press(12,10,8,6,4,2,2,)
Incline Chest Press(8,8,8 )
Flyes(8,8,8 )
Tricep push down(12,10,8,6,4,2,2 )
Dips(8,8,8 )
Tricep Kickback(8,8,8 )

Tuesday: Squats(12,10,8,6,4,2 )
Leg Extension(8,8,8 )
Calf Raise(10,10,10,10)
Barbell Curl(12,10,8,6,4,2)
Concentration Curl(8,8,8 )
Pull Up(3,3,3,3,)

Thursday: Shoulder Press(12,10,8,6,4,2)
Side Laterals (10,10,10,10)
Front Laterals (10,10,10,10)
30 minutes of Cardio, Skipping, Exercise Bike, Threadmill

Friday: Deadlift(10,8,6,4,2)
Sitting Cable Row(10,10,10)
Pull Down(8,8,8 )
30 minutes of Cardio, Skipping, Exercise Bike, Threadmill

Iv used the threadmill, exercise bike, skipping, HIIT after my workout but there is some stubborn fat around my stomach that wont seem to move. Is the workout above any good??

In addition I totally changed my diet 4 months back. I eat 5 meals a day. A typical day would be

Breakfast: 3 Scrambled Eggs, Bowl of Porridge
Mid Morning: Smothie(made at home) Strawberrys, Bananas, Frozen Yogurt, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Protein Powder
Lunch: Brown Bread, Eggs, Tomatoe, Turkey Breast and a half pint of milk
Afternoon: Smoothie(same as mid morning)
Post Workout: RAM and 2 bananas
Evening Meal: Pint of milk, Chicken Breasts, Brown Rice, Carrots, Broccoli.

I dont know how much calories that amounts to and I have a feeeling I should be eating more.

For a while I have wanted to take up some form of MA and I have found out that there is a martial arts centre up the road from me in the nearby industrial estate. They teach Kick boxing every weekday evening and weekend afternoons. So I was thinking of spending 2 days (Wednesday and Saturday) doing Kick Boxing and my usual 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) in the gym. Do you guys reckon that is too much or would doing that routine give me the right balance of putting on muscle and size while lowering my body fat??
Thanks for reading this and Id really appreciate any advice you have.



If you’re talking about a bit of fat around the midsection it’s going to be tough to lose that and get bigger. If you’re pretty soft everywhere you may be able to lose some more and still make gains. However, if you want to get bigger, which I hope you would if you’ve only been training since March, you need to train and eat that way. There is no need to be actually fat while gaining, but trying to be lean is going to hold you back.

Eat some manfood, meat, chicken, fish, whole eggs, lots of veggies and SOME fruit. Personally, I only use shakes around my workouts. I have no problem whatsoever getting plenty of quality calories from food. The exact training routine program isn’t as important as working hard and consistently. You can absolutely make more gains and you can do it without becoming a fatass, but you do need to eat a surplus to gain.

BTW, you didn’t give stats and you say yourself you don’t know how much you’re actually eating.

You’re using a lot of machines. This especially bothers me on your chest day. This would be a much better chest day:

Incline Bench Press (Use a Bar)
Dumbbell Bench Press (Flat)
Chest Flys
Tricep Pushdowns

It looks like you’re using the 10,8,6,4,2 rep scheme a lot. You’re doing a lot of volume for someone whose working up to a heavy double. If you want to get bigger, you’ll need volume. Your warm up and rep ascension should look like 12, 10, 8, and then 6-12 as your working set. Warming up for your working set(s) in a bodybuilding style workout is up for debate but what’s not up for debate is how many reps you should be doing in your warmup sets for a triple, double, or single.

If your goal is to lift more weight and get stronger, then your rep ascension should look like 6, 3, 3, 1-3 (whether you’re doing a single, double, or triple) and finally you do the set for your max single, double, or triple.

Neither your back or shoulder days have any rear delt work. You’re also not doing any shrugs or trap work. Without changing much, I can give you a better template that is similar to what many bodybuilders follow.

Dips (5X5) [The last set is the only working set]
Incline Bench Press (4X6) [The last set is the only working set]
Dumbbell Bench press (12, 10, 8)
Chest Press (2X12)
Low-Incline Chest Fly (2X8)
Tricep Pushdowns (2X20)

Squats (15, 12, 10, 8, 6)
Romanian Deadlifts (15, 12, 10)
Barbell Lunges (3X8) [Don’t puss out on these]
GHR or Leg Curl (2-3X8-15)

Power Snatch or High Pull (5X3-5)
Military Press (4X6) [Stand up. Use a Barbell]
Dumbbell Side Laterals (3X12)
Dumbbell Power Cleans (YouTube Defranco for this) (3X12)
Face Pulls or Rear Delt Fly Machine (2X15)

Deadlift (4X6)
Pull-up (3X6-8) [Add Weight when you can]
Dumbbell Row (3X15) [Go heavy]
Dumbbell Pullover (2X15)
Curls (Lots of 'em. All different Kinds)

As far as your diet goes, just make a goal to eat clean. Eat the same thing day after day and you’ll risk getting food allergies. Only nerds have allergies so don’t let it happen to you. I have faith that you can lose the weight if you go run, row, or get out and play.