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Get an oral syringe!

After Tim suggested in BTS that everyone get an oral syringe and use it for their Methoxy-7 dosing, I went and picked one up. Very handy. I’ll never go back to a spoon for Methoxy or Ribose-C.

BTW, I tested a few spoons and sure enough, a “tablespoon” is not necessarily a tablespoon! If you use a liquid product, pick one of these things up. You can get them at any pharmacy. I picked mine up at a grocery store pharmacy. Be sure and get one with a bottle adapter, too.

i have some tsp. and tbsp. things that have a label of how many ml are in each. I tested them and they are accurate. If anything, I’m going through my Methoxy too fast cause it tastes so damn good!! Waiting for my 12th day of usage to see if I’m over or underdosing.

I picked an oral syringe myself at the drugstore. They’re really cheap, only 2 bucks at Rite Aid. I like these things. It’s a lot easier than carrying spoons around.

$1.49 at Walmart. Blister pack on the peg boards in the pharmacy area.

I use those little plastic cups that come with childrens cough syrup and other liquid medicines. Pretty common. We had some in the cupboard. Works great. Has mililiters and tsps.

I notice a lot of the liquid sticks to the sides. So is the dosage measuring the amount being poured in or the amount being poured out?

Drink the water you rinse the little cup with. Good to the last drop.

I noticed a little measuring cup that came with some mouthwash with ml on it - very handy.