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Get A New Bench PR!

I hated high school for one reason, I didn't have the biggest bench.  For some reason I could outlift everybody except when it came to benching, was it because I was 6'2 and everybody else that was "big" was 5'8 or under?  Well no because I could out squat them all and that makes no sense whatsoever.  It was because I wasn't ready pychologically.  The last day of school I maxed out at 295 not 300, 295 but here's the kicker, I could do it twice!  but for some god damned reason I couldn't get 300 once. Until about 2 weeks later me and my training parter decided to max at the end of a chest workout, I was laying on the bench with my eyes closed and told my partner to load 295 on the bench so I could get a maximal lift.  Well I wasn't paying attention and my partner who wasn't very good at math loaded 315 without me knowing it.  So I took it off the rack thinking 

it’s 295, reped it twice, racked it and stood up to get a drink. After I get a drink I looked over to see 315 on the bench. I run over to my parter and ask him if that’s what I benched, with a dumb look on his face he say’s “yeah I guess” and man was I happy.

So next time you go for a PR just lay on the bench, close your eyes and have your partner load somthing crazy on. You might be suprised when you get up and take a look at the weight! -sasquatch99

Or when you get up with a torn rotator cuff, ha. Cool story, though.

As long as its not too crazy :). 350 you woulda been stapled!

True though, phsycology has a lot to do with it. Isn’t it amazing when a pre conceived barrier is finally broken that the floodgates open and loads of people do it? Like the 4 minute mile and the bp world record etc. Once some Dl’s a grand I guarantee someone else does it soon after. (my tip this guy Benedikt Magnusson, think he will do a grand by 2006).

Or you could go for a max at the beginning of your workout…

Fear stops you, true, and tricks like these are good, however, being able to overcome fear by itself will reap more rewards.

About B. Magnusson (Sorry for hijacking the thread.)

I was at the meet when B. Magnusson lifted 400.5 kg. We are quite certain he’ll do 425 kg+ at the meet 16th of april.

Audi will do 1100 kg total, he opens up at 410kg squat.

Yup, I’m talking kg’s here.

Rigor out from Iceland (will report on the meet once it’s over.)