Get A Masters To Be Strength Coach

basically i have my b.a. in history which brings me to a predicament… I have the NSCA-CPT and I’m going for the CSCS, but most job offers ask for a degree in exercise phys w/ the CSCS. This is the reason i want my masters. Now the other thing is i want to go all the way and have every option. I see alot of physical therapists w/ the CSCS cert and alot of them also fall under strength coaches.

I want to go all the way, can i still do strength coaching w/ a physical therapy degree???

As I see it, you can write your ticket with a DPT. Most programs are headed to the Doctorate level if they aren’t there already. I spoke with an advisor at one of the universities where I will be applying and he said, “Physical Therapists are the experts of the musculo-skeletal system. The only folks who should know more than PT’s are orthopaedists”. This message really resonated with me, as that’s the level of expertise to which I aspire. Strength coaching seems a natural complement to the knowledge you would come out of such a program with, coupled with a great idea of how to help your athletes who have injuries or limitations they don’t know how to work around. My .02

you seem to be at a crossroads buddy. Although its another string to your bow if you plan on going into physical therapy, mark my words, its a career in its own right, removed from strength training. You could be in pediatrics, cardio-pulmonary - whatever really.
Its a tough academic career - how far have you looked into it?