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Get a Load of this Guy


Check out this website truefitnessusa.blogspot.com

I can't figure out if this guy is just an idiot or trying to trick idiots into thinking he can make them athletes.

Check out the video on the first page, warning bosu balls make an appearance,


I have seen some NFL players that do this type of workouts in the off season.


Looks like decent stuff for conditioning, at least it looks pretty interesting.

I think he's definetely overselling the "power" aspect for those drills though. Tell someone your workouts revolve around 'generating explosive power' and football players will come running.

I don't like how it seems like any trainer can say the same old key phrases and it makes it automatically seem like they know what they're talking about. "always in an athletic stance," "looking straight ahead." makes you appreciate Thibaudeau's videos all the more, he actually says some new stuff and teaches you new concepts.


I thought this was another Peter North thread.



Agree with every word. This guy trains clients in a studio above my gym, and there is literally less than 200 pounds of plates. All the training is the kind of stuff in the videos, I guess athletes don't have to be strong anymore.


we train athletes like athletes


we train schmucks like schmucks

now i've crossed over from PL to OW i actually look back and wish i had done some of the weird random explosive stuff rather than just benching, as it would have hopefully left my shoulders in better condition, and my muscles in similar condition.


Wait, sounds like something outta dodgeball!