Gerry's Training Log

hi all,i found this forum and have decided to log my training here to keep motivated and accountable,im 47 years old,compete in powerlifting rather infrequently these days. Previously have competed in Powerlifting Australia competitions and the last couple of years have competed in bench only comps in NZ in the WPNZ fed. Basically i just enjoy training.lols.


Basically what il be doing is working on what im terrible at initially,i do have a comp at the end of November which is the WPNZ nationals where i signed up for both 3 lift and bench only but unfortunately i think at best ill only be doing bench only as i took a bit of time off due to an injured arm in the lead up to the last date which was postponed due to covid, which was caused by back squatting and i cant be bothered going thru that hassle again. Also work is busy around that time so its going to be touch and go whether i do it or not.

Incline skullcrushers(all weight in kgs) ezi curl bar
16x10, 26x5, 36x5, 46x5, 48.5x9, 48.5x6, 48.5x5

Closegrip bench
28x10 48x10 68x10 78x10 88x10.

Dips s/s barbell curls
8xbw s/s 28x10
+5kgsx8 s/s 33x10
+10kgsx8 s/s 38x10

I train at home on limited equipment with standard weights and bar. Ill have to sign up to the local gym at some stage to get some more variety in


Beltless Front Squat sleeves on
28x5 48x2 68x1 78x1 88x1 98x1 108x1 118x1 123x1 128x1,just sort of feeling out where i am.
Stiff Leg deadlift off a 1.9 inch deficit beltless
48x5 88x3 108x2 128x10x3 sets
Lunges-alternate walking up slight incline
bwx20, +10kg each handx20x2 sets
Leg ext
15kgsx15 25x15 35x15 40x15


Didnt have much time tonight.

Incline bench(8 kg bar)
28x10 48x5 68x2 78x1 88x1 93x1 98x8,i have two 1 kgs of chain,a couple of 1.25 kgs and a couple of 1.5 kgs for microloading and thought the 98 went up alright so added 2 chain to approx 100 kgx7 then 100x5.

Close grip bench
68x5 78x5 88x5 93x9.


Neutral grip shoulder width pullups off rings
Bentover row
28x10 48x5 68x5 78x5 88x5 98x8x3sets
Dumbell row
22.5x10, 42.5x10, 54x8, 48x8
Hammer curls
22.5x10 then 4 sets of 8
Barbell curl
28x10 38x8 6 5

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Dumbell shoulder press
10kgsx10, 22.5x5, 27.5x5, 32.5x5 then added a bit of chain and a small plate 34.7x6, 32.5x8, 32.5x7
BTN barbell press
28x10 38x5 48x5 58x5 63x5x3 sets
Rear delt dumbell fly
I lay on incline bench and focussed on straight arm and strict form,usually i lateral raise but my lats a bit sore
5kgx10, 7.5x10, 12.5x10x3 sets
Barbell front raise
28x10x4 sets

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Close grip bench(thumbs approx 15.5 inches apart)
28x10 48x5 68x2 88x1 98x1 103x8,6,5. then 88x10
bwx8, +6.5kgsx8,+11.5kgsx8,+20kgsx8
Incline skullcrushers
16x10 26x10 36x10 46x10x2 sets 46x8

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Beltless front squats
28x5 48x2 68x2 88x1 98x1 108x5x3 sets
Stiff leg deadlift beltless off deficit,touch and go
48x5 88x3 108x1 128x1 138x10x3 sets
Did 1 lol and my knees too stiff or something
Leg ext
15x15 25x15 35x15 45x15

i might add another leg day of some sort,some running and when i say running i mean jogging. I start back at work on Monday after 2 weeks leave and its reasonably physical labour so wont be able to train as much. When overtime kicks in,ill struggle to train at all during the week. I lift a lot of volume and carry and walk a lot at my job so still get a good workout of sorts in. Just the specificity of gym lifting could potentially take a back seat for a while.

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In for the follows

ah im not much bro,and cant guarantee if ill be here for very long. Im in two minds to do this bench comp ive signed up for as i threw all my eggs into 1 basket leading into the previous aborted date and im pissed it fell thru,i gotta be honest i dont really enjoy comp prep that much anymore… I took a number of days off the last 3 or so weeks leading into it cos my arm was sore ,as soon as i dropped below 80% lifting it cleared up. Thats telling me something. I dont think i can 3 lift with my current job,too much lifting. Next thing if i do this bench thingy and thats a big if is afterwards to drop some bw,that will require a change in how i train. Its good reading the logs here,some good ideas,not just guys who powerlift.

Yeah always a challenge

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quick train tonight

Incline 1 hand dumbell
10x10 22.5x5,32.5x5,42.5x16 right hand and only 14 left hand,i went to failure on my right and that ran me out of gas and actually had trouble transferring the dumbell across my body to my left hand hence the lesser number…then did 8 and 7

Dumbell rows
22.5x5, 42.5x5, 54x5,then farted about trying to attach more plates to my dumbell,they kept falling off so i gave up and grabbed the ezi curl bar and 1 handed rowed 66 kgs for 3 right hand and only 2 left hand.

Zercher barbell carry
28 kg x40m, 48x40m,68x40m,i think ive found something that i can tack on somewhere,these were fun.

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Good to see you here Gerry. I’ll be following along.

thought since ive been sitting on my butt doing not much except eating and trolling facebook,that i could string a few days consecutively together. Actually hit a few gym prs this week,but alas back to reality on monday. Ill have to change it up a bit to suit.

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bwx5, +10kgsx5, +20kgsx5,+30kgsx5

Incline skullcrushers
16x5,26x3,36x3,46x3,56x3,61x3,starting to get sore elbows,gonna rest this exercise for abit

Narrow as grip(hands 5 inches apart)ezi curl press
16x10 36x5 56x5 76x5…tried it,dont like,i can see wrist probs.

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Back training…sorta.

Incline barbell
28x10 48x5 68x2 78x1 88x1 93x5x3 sets 88x5 78x5

Military press
28x5 38x3 48x2 58x1 63x5x3 sets

Dumbell shoulder press

Bentover side laterals
2.5x10, 5x10,10x10,22.5x8x3 sets

Few curls

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ok this is the 2nd time ive trained back squats since August of last year.

60x5 80x2 100x2 110x5x5
Front squat
28x5 48x2 68x2 78x5x3 sets
20,+10 kgsx20,+20kgsx20x3 sets

Heh im pretty weak.Knee is creaky almost immediately.

Close grip bench
28x10 48x10 68x10 78x10 88x6,5,5.,78x7
Tricep skullcrushers
26x10 36x10 41x8 7 6 36x10
9 8 7
Barbell curls
28X5 38X5 43X5 46X8 7 6 38X8 then 3 sets of 10 with 28

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still training lol,today was
Close grip 2 count paused bench
28x10,48x5,68x2,78x1,88x1,98x1,108x1,113x1,felt my form was compromised a tad then dropped back and did several singles at 108 then went tng with the last rep paused at 98x5x3 then 88x5x3 with the last few reps paused.

bwx8,+10 kgsx8,+15 kgsx8x4 sets then an amrap bw dip of 14

Bench ss with pressups
78x10x3 sets with 8 pressups at the end of set

Tricep skulls ss barbell curls
worked up to 36 kgsx10x3 with 38 kg curlsx10x3

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