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I hate catching every cold in the world from the gym.


This is the 3rd headcold since October.

takes more ZMA and scowls


Reason #28 why I work out in my garage. :slight_smile:

Dude, when I worked in the gym, it was absolutely ridiculous how disgusting people can be. I saw a guy come into the locker room during his workout, walk over to the urinal take a whiz, and walk away. No flush, no nothing. It didn't help that he kept his workout gloves on the whole time either.


maybe i should lift in ruber gloves and a mask


I've had a slight cold for the past week but still go to the gym. The managers look at me like I'm some kind of germophobe the way I scrub down the equipment after I use it. Maybe I'm the only one but I'll be damned if I'm spreading my germs around to healthy co-lifters. Besides, they would just re-infect me with my own germs a week later. Basic common sense and courtesy should be a trademark af all T-people.


vit-C and glutamine.

a shitload of vit-C when you feel it coming on and until it's gone. some people report better 'immune' functions when taking glutamine. i dont know at what dose though.


See, I really don't get this. I must have some sort of super-immune system. I have not been sick in over 7 years--not even a cold. You guys need to man-up and embrace the germs around you.

I don't wash my hands after using the bathroom, before eating, and I eat food off my floor in my apartment. (I am a frim believer in the 3 second rule, only I extend it a couple minutes.) I only really do my dishes once every couple days, otherwise I just rinse off the same fork and plate. My immune system gets so much daily work, when a puny little cold germ comes along, it just brushes it aside.

It's the cockroach thoery. Cockroaches can live off anything and will never be extinct. So, we as humans need to learn to live off anything. I'll a three day old double cheeseburger that has been sitting on my coffee table the entire time without thinking twice. Learn to do the same. Force your body to get stronger. I'm sure part of it that I also sleep ten hours a day. Anway, I'm healthy and youre not--Ah-ha!

My immune system can beat up your immune system,


Start licking the equipment. In the short run, you will be sick. In the long run, your immune system will be like Rocky Balboa when the Ivan Drago that is Bird Flu comes. Your immune system just needs some practice.



some people have genetically better immune systems. that cant be helped. how is it that getting colds helps strengthen the immune system for other ailments?

some people dont eat tons of sugar, eat veggies, exercise, aren't stressed, aren't in more germy environments, etc. all those will aid immune defenses.

if germs were the sole cause of sickness then we'd all be sick because germ bombardment is incessant.


If you're willing to spend a little money there is a supplement that really helps the immune system called beta glucan 6. It is derived from sacharomyces cerevisea (yeast) and it just gives you an immune response, but the actual yeast isn't pathogenic. Basically it just raises your WBC count. It works pretty well for me.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae is also known as "Brewer's yeast." Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to drink a beer?? More fun, same end result.


Drop all meds eat good and YES Vit. C. Let the immune system get stronger and learn to fight things in the long run you will he happy and healthy.

Thats My take


I'm looking into it. I'm pretty sure that it doesn't work like that because of the processing that the beer goes though. Unless maybe you get one of the microbrews that still have live yeast in them... I'll respond again when i am armed with a little more knowledge.