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Germany Trip


My friend and I are looking for a good place to spend a couple days in the Germany area. Already heading to Amsterdam, but looking for a second destination. Probably not looking for a sight-seeing trip as much as just a two-guys-partying-like-madmen trip. Any ideas of where to head???


If you can make Munich, do it, it's the most fun city in Germany. It's all the way to the south, so from Amsterdam, it may not be worth it timewise. Otherwise, Cologne (K?ln) would be a fun couple of days and not too far from Amsterdam.



Man, you just missed the Oktoberfest!
Anyway, go to Cologne, it`s the best city for partying in Germany plus it is not far away from the Dutch border (just 3 hours to Amsterdam).
Go to Friesenplatz or the Ring. There are all the good clubs. The best Cologne beer is served in the big breweries like Frueh of Pfaff.
If you really want to have fun, go to Pascha Club. 25 Euros, all you can drink, free table dance ...
This is one of the biggest "Adult Clubs" in Europe.


Any of the larger cities in Germany would be great. Hell, the smaller ones too.

Cologne, Koblenz, Trier are good starting points.

I have never been to Trier, but a buddy of mine swore it was the greatest when we were stationed in Germany.

It's been forever for me, but Germany is a BLAST!


Alright, sounds like Munich and/or Cologne. Thanks for the help guys, I'll post any good pics I get!