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Germany Fights Back Against Muslims

"Some 1,000 German police in seven states raided facilities belonging to ultra-conservative Salafist organizations on Thursday, as the Interior Ministry announced that one such group has been banned. Authorities are concerned about the growing numbers of violence-prone Salafists in the country.

Authorities estimate that some 4,000 people belong to Salafist groups in Germany, and that it is the fastest growing strain of Islam in the country. Salafists are considered by the German government to be particularly dangerous and prone to violence, primarily because of their single-minded goal of establishing Sharia in Germany and their rejection of Western values. Furthermore, authorities believe that Salafist groups have close ties to jihadist fighters in Afghanistan and elsewhere."

They ought to just bar any Muslims from entering and tell the ones there to make with the shoe leather.

If the Muslims were trying to be Germans (like almost all Jews were) then fine, ‘Willkomen!’. But too many are mad dogs and killers.