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German Volumn Training

I am currently doing the German Volume training program in the latest issue of the magazine and I was wondering how I can change it to different programs using the same technique when I need to shock my body to keep it from platueing say after four to six weeks?

Piece of cake. First, take three weeks off and do a lower volume and rep range, maybe a 3x/week full body or the like, then go back to it but instead of doing 10/10, do 10/6 w. a heavier weight and slightly slower cadence. Use a weight that you could get 12 reps with as your starting weight. Good luck! I can’t wait to try the new approach. I’m about to start three weights of Maximal Weights 5/5, then it’s 3 weeks of fun w. GVT2000, baby!

Do the Ian King 12 Weeks to Super Strength if you have not yet. It is very unconventional and I had some questions about the program until I gave it a chance. I have never been so sore. It has been great and I have already gained about 3-4 lbs.