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German Volume Training

After a lot of messing about and fiddling with various workouts, I decided to try the GVT workout as posted on T-Nation.

2 weeks in and it is PHENOMINAL, it is like no other programme I have used in the past. I have been religious in noting exercise poundages rest and diet and noticed a massive difference already.

The pain is unbelievable and being natural, I have had to be meticulous about diet, but the results even at this stage are motivating me like nothing else.

I feel stronger, harder and bigger, tape measure showing growth, but I think that may still be water retention at this stage, seem to have lost a few percent of BF as well.

Thank you T-Nation I would probably not have found this but for the site.

I will finish the first 6 week cycle in 4 weeks then take a couple of weeks back to ‘normal training’ then start cycle two. I should have some before and after’s by then.

If anyone has any tips or variations for exercises, diet or supplements that would help with the agony on off days I would be grateful



I have been also folowing the German Volume training a month, its been great weights have gone up and I feel that Im getting much thicker…

Love the idea of 1 week of 5 reps following 4 and then 3, 10 sets of each seems to get the job done and I love the idea of pairing exercises e.g Bench and chins.

I have to admit just this week I have mixed things up a bit with EDT training basically following volume training but having minimal rest in between between pairings, talk about working up sweat and pump… I dont think I will be doing much cardio like bike or treadmill, I think throwing a few EDT sessions just does the trick…

I gave it 10 weeks last Fall, and made nice gains.

The first 3 weeks it left me feeling like I had been in a car wreck after each workout.

Good stuff man. Enjoy.