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German Volume Training


New T-Nation member here.

Just curious if any of you have experience with German Volume Training (sometimes referred to as the "10 sets" method)? The basic GVT system involves using one mass-building exercise for each muscle, and performing 10 sets of 10 reps while resting just 60 seconds between sets.

For the lifters here that have tried the GVT, what kind of results have you achieved? Advantages vs. disadvantages?


I have all the respect in the world for Charles Poliquin, but I don't think 10x10 is ideal. There's just no way you can use enough weight to build strength and size doing that number of reps.

Poliquin has addressed that issue with Advanced German Volume...a much better program. Thib also has an effective version called Optimized Volume Training. I've done both, and they do work.

Both are waaaaay better than the original GVT.



I did OVT last summer/fall. I am female so my input probably wouldn'd be as beneficial as another male. Personally I didn't mind the monotony, actually enjoyed it, and would consider doing it again. Definately made some gains in every sense of the word as my appetite soared. Definately a program that you have to eat for IMO.


I did GVT on two seperate occasions. Both times I got a bit larger but did not gain any strength. I don't think that I was ever more sore the next couple of days.

However, when I went back to training for strength (and size) I found that I had lost ground in the strength department.


Tried it. Not a fan. Tremendously boring. Will make you sore, but it won't really add much for size and strength.

Even Alwyn Cosgrove talked about this program at the DC Test Fest. He's not a fan of it either (and a few others).


Nate - What did AC say about GVT?


I felt I gained some mass and a tiny bit of strength but it also gave som imbalances in muscles.


I tried the original GVT and gained a little size but lost some strength. I tried AGVT first when it was published here and it was one of the most effective programs I ever tried. I think I might give it another go in a few weeks.


I need to pull my notes from the seminar so I don't misquote him or his thoughts. But he didn't put much value on that type of program or others similar to it.

Maybe someone else will remember his reasoning, as I think my notes are now in my storage unit. :frowning:


I tried this method on two different occasions and I burnt out by the third week both times, literally losing strength. In Poliquin's article on different body types(fire, wood, etc.) he stated it just won't work for some people. However I've done sets of 10x3 and 10x5 with great success


I did AGVT and got much stronger and bigger.

The only downside is my workout weight went up so fast that i got stretch marks on my inner bicep.But cocoa butter is helping take care of that