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German Volume Training


Right Now I am on GVT. Has anyone else found the program to be succesful?

Also, i have time to go to the gym everyday but GVT only calls for 3 workouts a week. What should i do instead during the other days


I love GVT. It creates excellent growth from what I?ve seen.

I?m a beginner but I?ll jump in anyway with my two cents. First a question: wouldn?t you go more often than 3 days per week? From what I?ve read: two on one off and repeat. It?s three sets of exercise but not necessarily three days. But, depending on your age, 3 days/week may not be a bad idea imho.

But in answer to your question: GVT (at least in me) creastes deep muscle soreness and so you don?t want to do much of anything in those off days. You just want to recuperate. So a little cardio or maybe calves would be okay. But, mostly, I would think your primary goal is to to take it easy. Remember you don?t actually grow in the gym ? you grow the other 98% of your week?


Just do the workout exactly as he wrote it.


Define your goals. If you want to get seriously strong, GVT may not be for you.

I did GVT when I started working out. GVT did take me from 154 lbs to 165 lbs in 2 weeks though.



GVT is great workout . I did it year ago and before 5 days I started GVT again . Last time I gained 10 pounds .

GVT doesn't calls 3 workouts per week , GVT : 1day(chest/back) , 2day(legs),3day rest , 4day(arms), 5day rest and then again 1day ...


I too love GVT.

I have used it periodically and found that I gain weight on this program. However, I do find it a bit boring and tedious at times.

But, it works great!


I did GVT 2000 a while back...I didn't eat enough though, so it worked as a cutter and my strenght/endurance went up...


Tis the season bro! That stuff is seasonal.Depends on what you want to achieve.If you hit a plat,use gvm.Make sure your failing either possitive or negative on your workouts.I have made great gains with gvm but it is not a year round w/o.

This pureley based on my experience.Everyone is different.Remember, it is hard to beat consistancey no matter how you work out.



Love GVT, had some serious gains. As people said, it's not just three days a week. It alternates between being 4 days oen week and 5 days the next.

Personally i prefer OVT. Avoids the whole loss in strength factor that i noticed whilst on GVT.