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German volume training

I am going to start the German Volume Training as laid out in the last T-Mag. Right now I weigh 175 lb and consume a daily total of aprox. 1750 cal, 200g protein, 175g carbs and 27g fat. Will this be enough calories and protein to support this heavy regiem, or will I need to decrease my carbs and increase my protein intake?

You’re eating like a girl. Seriously, I hope you’re at least trying to lose fat. Even then you could do it at 2100 cals easy if you lower the carbs a little. Don’t expect any muscle gains on a diet like that. You need to read t-mags Massive Eating article, and fast! If you’re dieting, then try the T-Dawg. You’re starving yourself right now, bro!

I agree with TEK - spend some time working out Massive Eating cause it will make more of a difference to you than any routines or set/rep variations. If you dont get your nutrition right you will not make gains. I’m adhereing to Mr Berardi’s Massive Eating and post workout recommendations and they have made far greater impacts on my lean gains than anything to date. Just off the top of my head, I think you might be OK for protein but I get almost that many carbs in the golden hour post workout.

  1. Dont do a volume intensive routine on a diet (up calories)
  2. For more calories, you could try 1.5 g/lb for protein and get WAY more fat in your diet. Eat a bunch of Nuts, many handfuls every day, and egg yolks…

Don’t even think about GVT for at least two weeks. If this is how you eat you will need to learn to consume literally 3x as many cals as you are and twice as much protein before starting GVT. Some people overtrain on GVT no matter what their diet is. Eating the way you do you’ll overtrain you first workout.

Marty, TEK’s right on, brutha! Up those calories. You didn’t state your goals, but I would assume you’re using GVT as it’s intended, as mass program. If so, definitely check out Massive Eating articles to get an idea how much you should be eating. If you do GVT with the energy support you’re planning, you’re guaranteed a couple things: you’ll lose muscle; you won’t even make it through the workout; It’s demanding, Marty, and you have to provide your bod with the energy it needs. The protein might be adequate (although I would sugges 1.5g/lb), but you would definitely need to up the carbs and fat.

Just what TEK said. You need to eat a lot more. I’m doing GVT right now and weight 165 and I’m up around 3500 calories for the day and I think thats a little too low. But are you trying to gain muscle? or lose fat? Go to the FAQ section and take a look at the articles on diet.

Sounds like you need at least another 1,000 calories to support and grow on German Volume Training. You’ve posted what appears to be a drastic weight-loss diet…just my opinion.

I agree with Tek … you need to eat more! I did 6 weeks of the German Volume Training and ate about 2,500 cals a day … still not enough! At 165 now, I’m struggling to find ways to eat more than 3,000 cals daily. Just make sure you spread out your meals and don’t combine carbs and fat, and don’t eat just carbs alone. Yes, read the massive eating article. Personally … after you do all the calculations I don’t think you necessarily have to meet those targets … but if you get close, you should be ok.

Yeah, your calories are way low. I’m close to 175 and in figuring out my calories for Massive Eating it was around 3300 calories I think. Grab a calculator and read the article like TEK said. It’ll help a lot.

Agrees with TEK. Your eating about 10x bodyweight. For German Volume Training, I wouldn’t go any less than 18x. That is just a rough figure I use, as was stated in the previous post, the massive eating, Part one article goes into much more accurate calculations, so you should definetly check it out