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German Volume Training

I am interested in trying the GVT. I am also trying to burn fat. Is this a good time to start a low carb/high fat and protein diet. Also, should I continue doing cardio with the GVT. Finally, what supplements would work good for this type of training.
Thank you.

do you mean German Body Comp (GBC)? That is more commonly used for fat loss than GVT, Personally, I dislike the GBC and prefer strength workouts (i.e. low reps) along with cardio for weight loss.

If you think that you can do GVT, plus cardio all on a low carb diet you are in for a horrible surprise. Trust me, keep the carbs on a high volume program like this. It’s a great protocol but make sure you sleep plenty, eat plenty and get your carbs. You’ll be glad you did when you get to ten sets of ten squats.
Good luck