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German Volume Training

I’m about to start german volume training. I’m wondering which method (GVT or GVT 2000) has proved to be more successful. Also I was wondering could it be done on a 3/week training? Also what is the best bodypart split? Could I work out on M,W,F, using squats,deadlifts and benchpress as my core lifts on each one of the days? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I haven’t tried the 2000 variation, but I’ve done the original one, both the 10/10 and the 10/6. I think you would be better off not doing squats and deads in the same cycle on this particular program, maybe pick one on the first cycle and switch to the other on the next one. You could try 3x/week, but you might be going too long between workouts for the same bodypart.

I recently completed Coach Poliquin’s original version of GVT–10 x 10. I found it to be not only extremely effective–but the masochist that I am–but also extremely fun. It’s demanding as hell but the results are great. A bit of advice though: Eat like a friggin’ madman. You’re gonna need it or else the size won’t come along. Anyway, I agree that squats and deadlifts should probably not be done in the same cycle, particularly if you’re training quads and hams together. I had difficulty supersetting squats and stiff-leg deadlifts as the volume accumulated. I personally used the following split: Day 1: Chest and Biceps; Day 2: Back and Triceps; Day 3: Off; Day 4: Quads and Hams; Day 5: Off; Day 6: Repeat. I probably should have done legs on day 2 and gave my upper body some recovery time. If you’re only training 3x/week, then I would suggest doing the 3-set supplementary exercises Coach Poliquin recommends to add more volume. Good luck, buddy.

My 2 bits… I like the original set and rep scheme that Poliquin uses, but I prefer the split and recovery time that TC outlined. For the quad day, superset squats and leg curls. For hamstrings, use Romanian deadlifts (limited range, flat back deadlift). Because of the volume, I’d also suggest using wrist straps with the deadlifts so your grip doesn’t give out.

Timbo, I agree with you. When I did the original GVT I wasn’t happy with the results. I used Poliquin’s suggested split of Chest/Back,Legs,Rest,Arms,Rest,Repeat. What I found was that only giving my arms 1 day of rest before doing chest and back didn’t work very well because my arms were not fully recovered.

The next time I do GVT, I will probably do Something similar to what Timbo suggested.

Just my two cent: how about doing leg curls and squat on one workout, then deadlifts and leg extensions on the next?

I just want to start original GVT. I’ve tried 10 x 10 bench press few weeks ago. Amazing, my chest pumped like never before.
I am a hardgainer & just want to bulk my chest & lats (no arms & legs, please don’t aske me why ? :-).
What do you think of this workout :
day 1 : b.press & chin-up, day 2-4 : off, day 5 : incline b.press & seated row, day 6-8 off ?
Is OK for hardgainer to do GVT ?