German Volume Training

I was wondering if overhead squats would be a good substitute to back squats when doing German Volume Training? Will I still see the same amount of hypertrophy with this exercise? The reason I wonder is because I would be using much less weight. Thanks for your help.

Hmmmn, good question.

GVT is not really a ‘heavy’ protocol. I would guess that you’d still see good hypertrophy, BUT not in the same muscles as back-squats. I mean, you’re beat after doing overhead squats - but not in the same places.

I think you’d get a very, very different effect with overheads. If I did 10x10 with Overheads, I’d be leaving the gym after that. Well, provided I survived the workout and/or could still walk.

Maybe use the modified approach?
3 sets back squat/3sets overhead/3sets front/1 set hack

sounds like it would be tough :slight_smile:


Overhead squats are great, but the torso and arm involvement is too great to do 10x10. I’d stick with back or front squats. I think that overhead squats are a great overall movement, but don’t involve the legs to the extent of an exercise I would choose for GVT.

I would not do overhead squats for the same reasons jason said. Another thing to keep in mind is that they are technically more challening. At your body tires your form will breakdown. This may open the door to injury. I really do like oh squats and the 3 OH, 3 front, 3 back, 1 hack squat may be a good alternative (this is like the GVT2K article)