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German Volume Training


How Effective is German Volume Training for gaining muscle ? Can you gain a lot of size by doing so ? What is a good GVT routine/program ?


Really fucking effective, particularly so for your legs.


I just finished the 9 week, 3 lift version of the Russian squat routine. My next program will be GVT. I'm keeping it pretty basic

Bench Press 10x10
Pullup 10x10
Incline Fly 3x10-15
BB row 3x10-15

Olympic squat 10x10
Hamstring Curl 10x10
Calves 3x10-15
Abs 3x10-15

Dips 7x10
Cable curl 7x10
Lateral raise 7x10
Rear delt fly 7x10


If you've been doing a fairly intense and low volume type of training for most of your recent training life then you'll probably blow up assuming nutrition and recovery is on point. Otherwise in my opinion there are better options on this website (JM and CT's stuffs to name a couple).


What did you get out of it? I just did the 6 week squat only version but am looking at the 9 week version for next year.


I've lost a lot of old strength over the past few years do to schronic lower back/inner thigh pain. I've been operating at like 95% lately so I felt up to trying to regain old ground. Being that I've been much stronger than this before I probably got more out of it than most people would.

I've also ran the 6 week squatting 3x week routine twice when I was younger.

Bench +30 pounds
Squat +40 pounds
Deadlift +40 pounds

I ate 3500 calories/day at 165-170 pounds I work a physically demanding job as well.

Things I did: After the first week or two I would start to pause your bench and squat reps if you feel you are recovering adequately on the 6x2 days


That's a nice split.

I've been contemplating going from an upper / lower split to a triple. This one looks pretty good.


Cool, those are some good results and even if it was regaining old strength I'd be happy with half of that.


Yeah, if you want to talk more about it though we should start a new thread.


Yep. Sorry for the hijack OP.