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German Volume Training

Hi, I’m currently trying to find a program to build mass, and I have tried the ten sets of ten program, where you start with a weight that is like 60% of your one rep max. You do ten sets of ten. Anyways, I have problems with this kind of training because after five sets I’m like totally exhausted. I feel like it doesn’t do much for building muscle either. It actually feels like I lose strength because I’m working out with such a light load. If anybody has advice on if you think this program works or have tried it before please give me some advice.

dan, i’m doing this for chest right now, tc’s altered GVT. it pretty much sucks. i can’t use any weight and by the 7th set, my reps go way down with the same weight. my last workout went like this for reps: 10-8-8,10-8-8,7-5-5. as you can see, my last 3 sets went way down for reps. my advice is do it for like 3-4 weeks and then evaluate your progress and change your program.

Well, your gonna get tired thats just how the program is but if you do a set of say bench take a minute break do pullups take a minute break and do bench again it may help you from being so tired. Also you may want to use upwards of 70% of your maximum and its really not a strength training program its meant for size mostly

Dan, I’m currently using TC’s GVT2K. But I’ve made some changes to the exercise selection and am not doing it exactly as he recommended. Also, I will only be doing this for three weeks. And the third week will be reduced volume (per Poliquin and King’s advice).

So far, I am pleased. I'm in my first week and the soreness is unbelievable! I did Quads and calves on Monday, and I am still extremely sore. I've been doing low volume, intense workouts for so long that this is exactly what my body needs. It is providing a good shock to my system to encourage growth.

If you want to know what I changed from the original program, let me know! I did things that will help me. Remember, all the programs listed on T-mag are for the general population. So in order to make it more effective, you have to make it more individualized.

Once my three weeks are up, I'll be doing a hypertrophy program to add more muscle (8-12 reps, 70-80% 1RM, 1-4 sets per bodypart, etc). I'm using Ian's books "Get Buffed" and "How to Write Strength Training Programs" to plan my training.

Nate!What do you think of " Get Buffed"? Is it worth buying? Do you have the leg workout video? Is it worth buying? Ta! Graham

Graham, I highly recommend “Get Buffed” and “How to Write Strength Training Programs.” If you are only going to get one, then go for the area you are most interested in. “Get Buffed” will help you design your own programs, but it doesn’t include some of the information in “How to.”

The leg exercises video is very good! I was actually quite impressed with the quality and the information that it contains. I definitely recommend both.

The only thing about “Get Buffed” is the lack of editing. There are MANY editing and spelling errors. But if you can look (and read) past them, it is well worth the money. In fact, it’s one of THE BEST books I’ve read on training.

Nate, yeah Id be interested to see how you modified TCs article to suit yourself. When you did the leg workout (oooh that must have been nasty) how long did that take with calves included?

chris, the leg workout was very nasty…that was Monday…it’s Thursday. And my quads and calves still hurt!

I did the whole workout within 60 minutes (excluding warm up, stretching and abs - Total workout= 75-80 minutes).

This is what I did (remember I changed a few things): Static Lunges, 3x10 (with 85lb on bar), tempo 402, 90 seconds rest.

Front squats (ass to ground): 3x10 (105lb on bar), tempo 402, 90 seconds rest.

Back squats (ass to ground): 3x10 (135lb), tempo 402, 90 seconds rest.

Leg extensions: 1x10 (100lb), tempo 402, 90 seconds rest.

I followed this with the Luke Sauder calf routine (workout 1) in the first issue of T-mag.

Now some notes...I used light weights, and I am so happy I did. At first I was like, "This is going to be too light." Well, after three sets of lunges, I could feel it in my legs. I did all 10 reps. I also did all 10 reps with the front squats. By the time I did the first set of back squats, I almost died! My legs started shaking like crazy during each rep! I was sweating like crazy and in serious pain! I only got 8,7,7 on the back squats. I used to warm up with 135lb.

The Luke Sauder calf routine is brutal! I was in so much pain halfway through I wasn't sure I could complete it. But I did. Again, using very little weight by the time I got to the 10 sets of standing calf raises.

Was it worth it? Oh god yes! The pain feels so good. Now you will notice I did something different than TC recommends. I didn’t use the same weight on each exercise. I don’t think that is possible with many of the exercises and bodyparts. I did what I thought would work for me. And yes, it did!!!

And I am sore from my other days too! I also changed my order of exercises. I'm doing quads and calves on Monday. Back and biceps on Tuesday. Hamstrings and shoulders on Thursday. Chest and triceps on Friday. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to do calves on hamsting day too. But they are too sore, and I will do the second part of the Luke Sauder routine later!

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Hey nate dogg where can you find how to write strength training programs and who wrote it? thanx a lot

Josh, “How to Write Strength Training Programs” is written by Ian King (and is very similar to Get Buffed).

You can go to Ian’s site www.kingsports.net for ordering information. I suggest going through one of his local distributors. Then you won’t have to pay the shipping from Australia. There are a couple listed that sell that particular book. You can also get it at Peakhealth.