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German Volume Training


I've been incorporating this into my workout for about two weeks now.

I have seen amazing results
I'm gaining muscle mass
Losing body-fat
and I am eating more.

This doesn't make sense to me... but I am starting to like the germans a lot.


I started incorporating the GVT into my workouts the same week that the article came out, but I've found that I can't do two weeks back-to-back using the 10x10 set/rep scheme for my squats and deadlifts. I get to the fifth or sixth set in the second week and I'm just completely gassed.


I don't do it for my deadlifts b/c I am trying to increase strength in that area... but I do use DB squats for it and yeah it is quite crippling.

then again ive only done two weeks of it.. but it has proven its worth in that time.


You see amazing results in two weeks?


not amazing results... but I am losing body fat, eating more(not clean), and gaining some muscle mass in the areas that I do it.

leaning lat raise
DB squats
DB press
cable rows

^the exercises that I use it with.

but I'm not gonna lie it puts your pain threshold to the test as well as your ability to recover. both of which are very high for me.

is it something I'd tell a newbie to do... no
but if you have experience and want a challenge it is something worth giving a shot too.