German Volume Training Questions

Thinking about giving German volume training a go and had a couple questions.

I can’t find a whole lot of info out there, T nation has a couple articles and some other sites do as well.

Main question:

Right now I’m doing a 6 day a week PPL

Back and bi
Chest tri and shoulders
And legs

It seems a lot of the GVT templates I’m seeing out there are a little more broke down into basically 1 body part a day, example

Monday: back
Tuesday: shoulders
Wednesday: chest
:Thursday: legs
Friday: arms

Or something like that.

Is that what I should do?

I did a sample workout today and did 10x10 bench and 10x10 BTN OHP… I feel like I might be better served by doing one main movement and then adding 2-3 accessories for said movement. BUT, I really enjoy getting beat down in the gym and spending a good bit of time, that’s what has me considering keeping it almost like a PPL style but 10x10… or is that too outside the GVT standards?

If you’re doing GVT, do whatever Charles Poliquin says to do. He’s the one who popularized it for building muscle. Everyone else is a variation of his info. (Not necessarily wrong, but definitely a variation/offshoot).

The most basic explanation is here: Tip: Use GVT to Build Muscle Fast

The first part of this article also has some info.

One workout isn’t really a great snapshot of the program, but if you got 10 reps for all 10 sets on day one, something already went wrong.

Lee Boyce laid out a version like that with one bodypart per day.


Maik Weidenbach is on youtube and he’s a great advocate of volume training.