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German Volume Training question

I’ve completed 3 weeks of Meltdown training (w/ good results). Now I’m going to move on to German Volume Training (the original format - not GVT 2000). This entails doing 10 sets of 10 reps on two compound exercises each workout. You pick a starting weight that you can do 20 reps to failure with. Does this mean that I still do just 10 reps, even though I could probably do many more on the first several sets? Has anybody had experience with GVT?

I’ve done the GVT a few times. First 3 or 4 sets you’re thinking the weight is too light … this is cake. Around set 6 or 7 you start to believe. Then you’ll find that you can’t complete 10 reps on the last set or two.
If you find you can do 10x10 bump up the weight.
I’ve also found it good to do a super-set of the 10x10 alternating chest/back for example.

Yes, do 10 reps. If you do more than 10, you’ll have a hard time finishing your 10 sets.

I’ve used GVT with good success. Yes, the first few sets seem light, but by set 7 or 8 your reps start dropping. Try seaching yahoo under german volume training and you can find the original article from musclemedia (when it was a bodybuilding magizine).

I just finished the original GVT. I could only do roughly 3 sets of 10 reps before they started dropping. The way I understood the program you superset two exercises then rest 90 seconds before the next set. For example dumbell bench then chinups. It is a bitch, especially on squat day. I got good results as well. BUT I don’t do much volume and just did it to increase my work capacity in the early post season.