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German Kid Goes on Rampage


ANSBACH, Germany - An 18-year-old student armed with an ax and knives lobbed Molotov cocktails at his high school in southern Germany on Thursday, wounding nine pupils before he was shot and arrested by police.


...it was CC


they shot him 5 times and didn't kill him? are they using paintball guns??


Wow that is an old school rampage literally. Who the fuck was he trying to imitate, the frigging Vikings?


I think they were shooting to injure and stop. So they can arrest and detain him.


Still getting shot five times in places that are to injure and stop is pretty core.


Wait, what? Oh, you mean guys are running around killing people WITHOUT the use of firearms?? The hell, you say!


I think if you read it you will see that he didn't manage to kill anyone.


The moment I saw news of Columbine, I knew it was Rammstein's fault.


Oh, oops. Redacted.

At this point, I could say something really f-d up about how he coulda sealed the deal had he actually been using firearms then, but I won't.


Nobody ever said the german police are nice, specially under threat of harm


Glad nobody died.
Had to laugh at this part in the article though...
''Prosecutor Gudrun Lehnberger said the 18-year-old male student at the school was being held on suspicion of attempted murder.''
Suspicion of attempted murder...? I think they can pretty much just say arrested for attempted murder at this point.

After that shooting in Germany within the last year, I'm suprised he wasn't killed on sight by the cops.


I don't understand this shit, this guy, the columbine crap. All the college shootings recently. And in the each one the people barely kill anyone. This guy was hacking people with an ax and didn't kill anyone? Obviously a pathetic excuse for a lifeform.


I think it has something to do with the kind of person that it going to go on the rampage. Normally they would not be life's natural winners.


Obviously the kid would've preferred to use firearms over the axe, knives and molotov cocktails. Unfortunately, he couldn't find a chain gun or RPG upgrade in real life...


Exactly I think he was hoping to lvl up at the school, cuz at his next level he finally gets access to firearms, but even still he wouldn't have enough mana and vitality to kill any people.




I don't want to start a gun ownership flamewar, however I am grateful that the German government did act after the 2002 shooting, basically banning all firearms unless you're a sports shooter (in which case you'll haver to make do with measly .22s), work security/law enforcement or are an "endangered person".

As a result, the next German school shooting had no casualties since the loser kid only had smoke bombs and an antique powder-based pistol.

This time there weren't even guns involved.

I see a downward trend regarding the quality of the violence which I guess we can all agree on, is desirable.


They can pry my gun from my cold dead fingers.


Tell that to the people he swung the axe at. And yes I know they are school kids, but you're a fool if you think only school kids are faced with violence. You never here of the people who had no chance to defend themselves from the main stream media.

On second thought, I'm sure you're a fool.


So you'd rather be dead than having cut wounds, tough guy?
I never said schools are the only place where shit like this happens but unless you got your concealed permit you will be unarmed in a street situation anyways. Secondly, isn't a defense situation one of the reasons to train in the first place?

It's spelled hear by the way, fool.