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German Gear Laws


A friend and I will be going to on a trip to Germany and part of the middle east. A friend of mine that isn't going wants me to bring him back some gear. I don't know if gear is even legal in Germany. My question is can I get some gear in Germany without a doctors prescription? Also, what countries in Europe can I get gear from with mininmal/no problems? Thanks.


I don't know about Germany, but gear is legal in Holland.


Dude, why is EVERY FUCKING POST you write about steroids?

You're SIXTEEN. You should not even begin to think about taking ANYTHING for another, maybe, ten years.

That's first.

Second, are you actually even contemplating bringing conrolled substances through customs? Are you fucking retarded?

Jesus, man. Think!


Dude take some prozac and chill. First if he is 16 and is gonna take gear then fuck it, let him. If he wants to harm himself then nothing you say or do will change it. Second I don't think he is even talking about taking it himself.

But to the OP man bring gear through customs is just liking bringing any other controlled substance through customs....if you get caught, your fucked.


I've read his other posts. ALL of them are about steroids.

And, no, I won't chill. For anyone on this board to take the attitude that "Well, he's gonna do it anyway,"is dangerous bordering on criminal.

This forum is based on the free exchange of ideas about, among other things, AAS. If we are to spek of them with any intelligence, we must tell the truth about them, not simply parrot what the government tells us, nor fall to the other side and say, "Everybody take steroids! Yay!"

This being said, the truth about AAS is that taking them before the age of 21 or so is dangerous. It fucks up your hormones.

Maybe if this kid is told in plain enough language and often enough that he is being an incredible fucktard, it will dissuade him from doing something stupid.

So, fuck your prozac and learn to write, "dude".


Only the strong survive "DUDE". And if you have to tell someone 500 times not to do something that could possibly fuck them up pretty bad, then no offense but your talking to a stupid son of a bitch who doesnt deserve his life. It's like haveing to tell someone 500 times not to stick there dick in an AID's patient. And how can you say whats dangerous or criminal? The use of AAS is dangerous and criminal so with that I leave you this...

Pot: "Hey kettle."
Kettle: "What Pot?"
Pot: "You're black!"
Kettle: "......"


Harris447, i agree with everything you said. You are not overreacting, you are stating plain facts.

Panky, haven't you learned yet? We are interested in sharing training information with you. There is a lot to learn from this site. I have been lifting for ten years, got into T-Nation less than a year ago, and it has renewed my approach to training. Learn from these guys.

When they say the gear is bad for you at your age and will do more harm then good, trust them. Or, fuck it, take it howevr you'd like, and post your questions about how to recover from shutdown and hormonal imbalances.

Have you got the answers you want yet from your posts? Anybody who knows there stuff, the vets, the pros and the eduacated guys have and will continue to shut you down. The guys who give you the answers are going to be (for the most part) the ignorant ones. Really, do you think somebody who advises and encourages a 16-17 year old kid to use is (a) knowledgable, (b) thinking of your best interest?

Buddy, train hard. Learn all you can about training and diet. Research your gear for a few more years, and you'll habe the knowledge when you are ready. And quit posting steroid questions if you want to be taken any bit seriously!


Ya, I don't expect to be taken seriously on this website. I'm just going to read the informaton and wait for some idiot like me to post stupid questions and suck up that knowledge. Either way I will get what I want to know. What pisses me off is I could have made some account where I said I'm 42 and given you some information that sounds believeable, asked my stupid little question and would have gotten the answer. Why should I waste my time saying I'm 18, when I could just get the info a lot faster at 42.....


"Drugs are bad, Mkay"

No, gear isn't legal in Germany. Period. Holland, could get a bad batch, or maybe a good batch. Whats your health worth to you? How bad do you want to stunt your growth and screw your future? How valuable is the advice from the veterans on this site? Why not just take advantage of the gallons of natural T running through your body, eat like a pig, and make real gains provided that you bust your ass in the gym?

Just want you to think before you do something stupid, like get a Darwin award.


They are not for me. As I have said they are for a friend. Plus I have been lifting seriously for a little over a year and I can already bench 350 raw,deadlift 495 and squat 455.I know there is a lot more left in me. Those numbers might not mean much to a lot of people but I train my ass off.

My diet is pretty well but I have a hard time eating 5-6 meals a day. It's more like 3-4 for me. I get my carbs mostly in the morning and pre-workouts. I get protein all damn day and EFA's all day too. I'm not sure about my damn genetics or if I want to buy into that bullshit but I have a hard time losing fat. I'd say I have a good 20lbs. of fat on me.My supplements are:

Ammino Acids
Omega 3
Animal Packs M Stack

In the past I have taken andro and superdrol but no AAS. I do however have a cycle's worth of methyltestosterone at 10mg pills. That I won't be taking but selling to some idiot who has no idea how damaging that could be to your liver. Plus the idea of water retention didn't sound appealing.


I'll just tell my friend getting gear in Germany is just as hard as trying to get it here. Knowing him though, the next question will probably be andro.


Okay: you're an utter moron. Utter and complete. Nothing that you wrote (the parts that I could decipher from your sub-Mongoloid grammar and spelling, that is), makes any sense.

Only the strong survive? I know I'm taking advice from someone who got his personal philophy from a T-Shirt.

Two: this is not a "stupid son of a bitch who doesn't deserve his life." I mean, where you get off making that call is beyond me, but regardless: this is a KID. He is, therefore, dumb. That's what kids are, can't hold it against them. They need to be told things 14-1500 times to understand anything.

The AIDS thing...that's just dumb and off-the-point.

How can I say what's dangerous or criminal? Easy: studies and research have proven that kids shouldn't fck with their hormones by taking AAS. As for criminal, have you heard of 'contributing to the delinquincy of a minor'?

The the whole kettle-pot thing...wow, original.

Think more, type less.

Go away now.


Do as I say not as I do? I guess that is your approach huh? A hypocrit who can break the law himself but tells others not to? I'm not saying he should fuck with AAS as a matter of fact I don't think he should.

So I'm not contributing to the delinquincy of anyone jerkoff. Fact is you just don't get the point that this thread is about his friend and not him. If you don't believe him and you think he is lieing, do you think he gives a fuck what you say anyway?

Now break down my post and use alot of big words and try to make fun of my grammer since you can't disprove anything I say jackass.


Harris is right, don't help this dumbass kid commit felonies just so his buddy(who is probably himself) can get a six pack and large biceps.


"It's not for me, it's for a friend."

What are you, such a fucking moron, you can't see through a sixteen-year-old's lies?

Plus, where did I EVER say that I broke the law myself? I don't use steroids; no moral reason, just a personal choice.

So, not only are your writing skills poor, so are your reading skills.

Please stop now. You're just getting stupider with each post.


ya i dont care about looking like a bodybuilder prancing around in my damn thong showing my ass off. IM A POWERLIFTER!


Harris, I can get access to anything I wan't. A buddy and me are going to Germany and my friend wants gear from there. I can get gear from Mexico easily or through other sources. The fact is I don't need them. Nothing I can't acheive that food cant give.


Fact of the matter is you attacked someone (albeit on a message board) because you ASSUMED that he wants to use steroids. You can't deny that. You are just a dumbass who assumes shit and then when you are proven to be a dick, you attack peoples grammer like this is 9th grade English.

You are soooo cool. Like, omygod, I wanna be just like you. You're the coolest mister.


Anyone seen Midnight Express?


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