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German Creatine?

I was just wondering if anyone has heard of a “pharmaceutical” grade creatine that is manufactured in Germany? This product is pure 99.9% Creatine with no Glucose or effervescence to help it along… I friend of mine was telling me about it. I do believe that no matter the purity of the Creatine, most of it will not be absorbed due to the inability of the Creatine to dissolve in water. I have read that only 1.5 of 5 grams actually makes it to the muscle. Of course, disolving in hot tea would help I suspect. SO, has snyone heard of this German Creatine? Thanks.

i live in germany, the creatine i bought is 100% creatine monohydrate (the label says so),
but i´ve never tried other brands/concentrations, so i can´t tell you any differences…
btw, i always take it w. grape juice postworkout.

lol :wink: this is funny to me because one of my friends was telling me about how his room mate has started on “german creatine”. My friend happens to be diabetic and his “nurtitionist” (read: overpaid idiot - but thats another story - you should see what she has him eating) said that creatine will basically kill him and that the new “german creatine” is evil.

He also thinks that ephedrine is exactly the same thing as meth… not the last time I checked. Rant over - sorry to waste your time.

Thanks for the replies. I have never heard or read about this German Creatine. I was asked to post by a friend that wanted more info.

Isn’t creatine monohydrate the same no matter where it comes from?

German manufactured creatine has generally been the recommend product over the Chinese version. Check out www.thinkmuscle.com/ articles/brink/creatine.htm (delete the space before “articles”)for some more information.

I seem to remember reading that creatine is made in only about 4 or 5 factories. Sure some will be more pure than others, but just because it doesn’t say ‘German Creatine’ doesn’t mean that it isn’t from the same source. I guess it’s just like how any brand tries to distinguish itself from the rest.

There are a couple of really good trademarked creatines that come out of Germany. One is Ultrapure which Scitec nutrition uses and the other one is Creapure which is used by Optimum Nutrition, Prolab and Universal. Personally I like the Scitec Ultrapure creatine.

You are referring to creatine manufactured in Germany, SKW Trostberg AG. It is supposedly the purest form of creatine. It is trademarked as Creapure, and Prolab sells it for a really good price (2 300 gm jars retail for 30$, but then you get a discount on that unless you buy from GNC). I believe a few other companies also use Creapure. To help with absorption, warm water is supposed to help, as well as taking it with a sugar, (grape juice, dextrose… for example). On a side note, an EAS rep came to my store (vitamin shoppe), a real prick, and I asked him where EAS creatine was manufactured, get this, his reply “I am not at liberty to say”, WHAT A CROCK! Why would you not say where it was manufactured, if you were proud of your product, I figure it is probably freaking chinese crap or some other cheap stuff. Anyway the label used to say where it was manufactured (Pfansteihl, a good United States Lab), but I dont think it does anymore.

I could be wrong here, but I heard that when you mix creatine with juice it turns into creatinine or something of that sort and it is pretty much usless. Correct me if I am wrong because I would like to be sure. Oh yeah, why would you want to drink juice anyway it has too much damn sugar.

It’ll only turn to creatinine if you let it sit for awhile (how long is up for debate, 1-2 weeks???). If you mix it with juice in the morning you can drink it later in the day, no problem.