German Body Composition

I’m curious as to how many (if any) of you guys use GBC in the “cutting” phase right before a contest as opposed to aerobics. I’m not a bodybuilder (per se) and don’t compete, but would be interested in discussing it’s use precontest as opposed to just diet and cardio and “typical” lifting.

I’ve tried the GBC program and was extremely happy with the results. I hate aerobics and decided to give the program a try as a alternative. I was on a CKD at the time and followed the GBC outlined in the printed issue of TESTOSTERONE. I use ketogenic diets as a way to preserve muscle while shedding fat, so I was very surprise how muscular I looked (especially my chest) after the six weeks.
I kept a workout log and timed my rest time as I felt It was a very important component of the program. Believe me if you are doing the program as intended…it aint easy. The only supplement I used (with the exceptions of multivitamins) was MD6. The only down side to the program is that because you are jumping from station to station it requires the gym traffic to be light.

I once asked Poliquin at one of his seminars what is better for fat loss. Split training doing weights in the morning and HIT aerobics later VS. GBC. He said that split training would be better if you have the time. GBC works great when you have limited time. Personally I freaken hate aerobics and I hated the full body fast workouts of GBC. I guess this is why I am not ripped just big. Good Luck

It’s my 2nd week–this stuff is hard. I’ve used this program when it first came out a few years ago, and was amazed at what a 3 week workout program will do. So, now, I’m using a different version from Manly Weight Loss. I use a 4 day split and I throw in an interval sprint day. A major frustration point of mine is the supersets in a crowded gym. People see me with a stop watch, and they better get off the damn machine!