German Body Comp

hey i was wondering if anyone has tried this program and what kind of results that you got from it, also what kinds of loads should you use for this program? it doesnt say in TC’s Bowl Full of Jelly article and i want to try this program so i need to know what kinds of weights to use, thanx in advance,



I haven’t actually done the Bowl Full of Jelly program but I did a full cycle of GVT… When I did that I found around 50-60% of my 1RM worked pretty well. I usually train between 1 and 5 reps and this was just a month of letting my CNS rest though, so if you typically do higher rep e.g. 8-12 per set routines then you may want to use a slightly higher percentage. If you get decent body comp changes off this program it would be nice to know, I’d like to have something I can turn to in case I need to drop a little fat at some point.

I use a similar template to GBC with my clients on a periodic basis.

The premise is pretty simple and I often prefer to use something with a little more to offer (Meltdown I, for instance) but it does find it’s way into the Fat Loss rotation depending on a few factors.

Anyway, you can very the rep ranges, as TC has it, or you can make life easy on yourself and use the same number of reps for each exercise. Generally, use lower ranges (8-10) for compound movements like squats and deads and higher reps (12-15, 20) for single joint, simple movements like biceps and leg curls.

Bottom line is that Poliquin has a Book outlining numerous GBC workouts, so if you want the exact science, get it. Otherwise just put an upper body and lower body exercise together and run back and fourth for 3-4 supersets.

You can progress by decreasing the rest interval between supersets.

Good Luck