German Body Comp

Ok I was looking to buy Poliquin’s GBC book, but his site says its being revised. There are two threads I found on here with GBC workouts, but they differ as one does upper body one day and lower the next and the other one does a lower body then hits upper in same workout. Lactic Acid Training for Fat Loss

What workout do you think would be the best one out of the two to follow? Im roughly 13% body fat according to he calipers I have and I do know those things aren’t 100% accurate. Also what type of diet would be suffice to do with this type of workout?

Just to clarify: The first link is for Advanced GBC; the second link is the original, "standard "program.

I think im going to go with the advanced one then. It would be a lot easier for me to do at my house since I only have so many weights. Plus I would have to be switching the weight up on the standard routine and would have an extended rest period between sets as a result. What type of diet are people doing on this routine?

[quote]overdrive570 wrote:
What type of diet are people doing on this routine?[/quote]

I trained at a Poliquin facilty last year and GBC (the simpler version) was what was prescribed for me for the first 4 weeks or so. Diet wise was Paleo focusing on protein and good fat sources (read : low carb) and there was one cheat meal a week. I would think the diet for GBC would involve some level of calorie restriction (i.e. not for bulking cycles).