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German body comp

What are people’s feelings on Poliquin’s german body composition? Anyone have any experience with it? If so did you use any cardio along with it? I was thinking of starting without it (cardio) and then adding it (cardio) in the next few weeks if I am not noticing changes in my physique.

It works with proper diet. The more out of shape you are when you start, the better results seem to be but regardless, if done properly with proper diet, it will do the job.

Thanks Heb - Anyone else have any experience with it for someone who doesnt have much to lose (currently around 8/9%)

I’ve done GBC three times. Last year about this time I was at the exact bf as you and I had been doing a 3x/week full-body approach. Then I switched to GBC and I eventually got down to five percent, combining GBC with a low-carb diet very similar to T-Dawg, except I didn’t consume any pre-workout carbs. Muscle endurance went up trememdously; however the only thing I didn’t like was that when I went back to a mass phase and heavy weight, my 1RM’s had gone down quite a bit, although it didn’t take me too long to get back to my prev. strength levels. I just started Meltdown this week and I’m trying to get from six down to five percent or just a bit less. I had been doing some Olympic lifting the last eight weeks so I’m hoping the change will shock my body into losing the last bit of fat. Only thing is that it doesn’t seem like I’m doing enough sets as the workouts are done in less than 1/2 an hour., although what I am doing w. Meltdown is pretty brutal. I seemed to work up a bigger sweat w. GBC. Good luck!

Thanks Richie, good luck to you too.
What I’m thinking is I will give it a try for about three weeks and if I am not satisfied with the results or if I am not enjoying myself I will switch over to a 5x5 approach and just use low volume and add morning cardio. After all diet is going to be the most important factor. I will most likely stay around 150 carbs on workout days and 100 on non (after all diet is truly gonna be the determining factor).