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German Body Comp

Question for all you GBC vets: what kinda results have you gotten? I’m coming off a long lay-off (2 years) and am looking to retain muscle mass and shed a few dozen pounds of doritos off of my abs! My only concern is the focus on lower body/upper body supersets. I don’t know about you guys, but I used to need at least 3-4 days between leg workouts just due to soreness. GBC seems like a WHOLE LOT of legwork. In fact, I doesn’t seem too different from Meltdown training. Anybody ever experiment with alternative supersets: back/chest, bicep/tricep, etc. I’d appreciate any guidance.

I’ve done with GBC with pretty good results. I think it works better with the upper body-lower body combination - I guess it’s just the way the metabolism reacts to it.