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German Body Comp Workouts

Who here has tried the German Body Comp workouts for an extended period of time? What were your results? Do you think this is better than doing a traditional routine with a good diet? Is it better than aerobics?

I’ve used this program twice, and both times it worked quite well. The first time I used it, I did it for 5 weeks and used a strict diet, this worked out very well for me. I would say give it a try.

good luck.

I used the GBC programs outlined in Poliquin’s Manly Weight Loss book. The results were frigin’ remarkable. In about 4 months I was able to drop from 12% bodyfat to 6% while simultaneously putting about 7-8 lbs of muscle. Putting on muscle while leaning-out was something I’ve never been able to really do effectively. I followed the low-glyc diets outlined in the book, and the only supplements I used besides a mult-vitamin were Xenadrine and glutamine. The programs were difficult at first, but you’ll adapt. Oh yeah, I didn’t do a second of cardio, either. Try it, I think it is one of the most effective training programs I have used.


What do you mean “the programs were difficult at first, but you’ll adapt.”?
I want to drop a few BF% myself and was looking for something besides BFL> Just kidding.

I have been on GBC for a month now, and I have gone from 9.5 % to 5.8, measured with my Lange calipers. I have not lost an ounce of muscle, and I’ve done not a second of cardio. Diet is pretty standard, 6 meals/day, 12x bodyweight in cals, mostly whole food w. a couple MRP’s, E/C stack and I’ve been experimenting w. high dosage glutamine mixed in w. my post-workout shake as per Poliquin’s recommendations. Great stuff.

Congratulations guys, those are AWESOME results!!! This definitely is worth a try. Did you do the programs outlined EXACTLY like in the book or use some kind of a variation of your own? And, what kind of amounts of fat did you lose, not in terms of % but in lbs? I’d love to hear the exact numbers! And, as the programs are hard at first what did you do? Did you just lower the amount of sets done or did you still do as many sets as ordered?

I started out with about half the volume and worked up to the full workouts over several weeks. If you follow the rest periods, tempos and other parameters, these are tough workouts. I did the routine for 6 weeks using the T-Dawg diet and lost 12lb fat while gaining 5lb of LBM.

to the guys who have done the gbc…did you go to failure on each and every set?? did you use ian king’s approach of increasing intensity each week?? thanks

Well I can’t tell you exactly how many pounds since I don’t use a scale. I just go by what my calipers tell me, if I am maintaining my strength on all lifts, and how I look in the mirror. I have pretty much followed the programs in Manly Weight Loss to the letter, sometimes my rest intervals are a tad longer due to having a workout partner and training at a busy time at the gym. I haven’t worked up to the 4 days/week routine, mainly because I am already pretty lean doing the M-W-F thing, and I have no deadline to get into shape. The lowest I have ever been measured at is 4.1 w. the Lange calipers, and I know there is a small margin of error, but my ab skinfold was down to 6 and I am naturally VERY lean in the chest and legs. I would like to get the ab skinfold down to 4 by the end of the year, and I may cycle over to a CKD such as T-Dawg or Lyle McDonald’s plan as it has worked very well for me in the past. I am 5’7 and I’m somewhere between 155-160 at 5.4 currently. I’m ripped but a runt. I’m going to start doing some serious mass/strength training come 2001 using Poliquin’s Maximal Weights and GVT approaches.