german body comp vs. meltdown

I have been a religious follower of poliquin’s body comp routines for weight loss over the past 3-4 years with good results. After reading about meltdown training, I purchased the most up to date version of Manly Weight Loss. There is no mention anywhere of increasing the positive phase of movements, and Dayton publishing says there are no plans for an updated version of the book. The routines included are great, but are a little longer in length and tend to focus more on single body movements. There is also rest included between each exercise before moving to the next one. Does any one have any ideas on how to use the idea of increased concentric phase with Poliquins original bodycomp routines? should rest phases be dropped or retained? Routines shortened? I’ve read arguements for re-instituiting rest phases in Siff’s book in favor of using more weight. I know from past perusal of this site that the recommended routines in the complete poliquin routine are usually longer than those ‘beginner’ routines offered online for free(they are still great) Any ideas Shugart?

I don’t think it’s a GBC vs. Meltdown type of situation. Instead, I see Meltdown as a more evolved version of GBC. I think Alessi even consulted with Poliquin about the new program.

I prefer Meltdown myself, but both programs are good and more alike than different. The part about slow concentrics is based on new research, but you’d have to contact Alessi about the details. When I was editing that article I actually thought he messed up and meant to use slow eccentrics, not concentrics. I talked to him about it and he explained that his recs were based on new research that’s come out since GBC was published.