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German body comp question

I have just finished reading the article by TC, about Polquins version of the german body comp,and intend on using it when I complete the cycle of GVT that I am currently on, but I had some questions regarding it
1), is each workoutfor a different day, and do you have a rest day between workouts, or do three days, rest ojne, then workout another 3 days?
2) what type of diet would you reccomend while on it, I am currently eating 6 meals a day, 2 of which are MRP’s, and the other 4 are high in protein, low in fat.

I’m pretty sure this info was in the article, but your best bet would NOT be 3 consecutive workouts. Trust me, after day one the last thing you’re going to want to do is hit the gym the next day. I used M-W-F. Diet is generally up to you (within reason, of course), provided you’re on a slight calorie deficit. What you’re doing is probably OK, while I used a CKD with tremendous success, though I did consume a moderate amount of carbs post-workout. You could also use Berardi’s Don’t Diet method-I imagine this would also work quite well. This workout is brutal, particularly if you’re a fast-twitcher like I am but I grew to like it. Don’t forget to take your SportPharma supplements! (kidding…if you have read Poliquin’s original book on German Body Comp you’ll understand what I’m talking about.)