German Body Comp Question

Is the German Body Comp program a good idea for me to do if I haven’t trained consistantly in over a year? My main goal is to strip fat.

Thanks in advance.

I’d recommend Fat to Fire 1 & 2 or Meltdown I. I think they are a little better, although similar in some ways. I believe there are also a few other “new and improved” fat loss programs on T-mag these days.

NateDoog: Thanks for the reply. I have a hardon to rip into either, I just wonder if after a heavy duty layoff is it ok to do programs like that or do some type of ‘conditioning’?

Fat to Fire is great for conditioning, especially after a layoff. Trust me, you’d rather use Fat to Fire than one of Coach’s “regular” programs. I’m actually using Fat to Fire 2 right now due to many months of less conditioning (Renegade Powerlifting) and my recent layoff caused by a job change and other stuff.

NateDogg: My Dog, thanks for the reply. It’s good to see that even among all the “Photoshop” accusations there are still geniune people who wanna help and share the wealth.

Thanks Dog

Nate: Send some Miami Sunshine up to Chi-Town for me.

I’ll never be the biggest or the strongest, but I want to be healthy and fit, and I enjoy talking shop when it comes to training and nutrition. And I almost always talk the talk and walk the walk.

I’m not in great condition now, but I’ll have that taken care of in due time. I’ve tried a lot and seen what works and what doesn’t (especially for me!).

It’s been chilly here lately, but it’s still a lot warmer than the Windy City! I’ll try to send some rays your way.

Much appreciated.