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German Body Comp Program Book


I am interested to hear anyone’s views on this book, in particular the diet plans.


Hmm…anything of Poliquin’s may be worth having, although maybe not for the price. I tried the German Body Comp program with less than great results. His macro split is 40-30-30…that is carbs to protein to fats. For me, this did not work well and I lost muscle, especially on the higher volume workouts.

1.5 grams protein per pound of bw is essential to preserving LBM while dieting. I prefer the T-Dawg diet or The Metabolic Diet by Dr.Dipasquale. CT’s Ripped to the Bone program was awesome when combined with uphill walking. But, you have to see what works for you. I just know that I will NEVER go back to high volume low rest workouts for leaning out. Stay heavy to stay hard