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German Body Comp modified program

Hi Marc…you posted something about this in a previous message and the search engine cooperating at the moment…can you direct to more information…thanks

Note from Mod: If you’ll hit the search button a couple of times, it will usually work. This will be fixed soon.

Here’s the link: http://t-mag.com/html/
34jelly.html (remember to eliminate the space added in the url. I placed it by “/ 34”).

Also, read "The Little Black Book of Training Methods". There'll be a link available there also to German Body Comp.

savannah, I wanted to also commend you on your initiative. Do keep us informed as to your progress here on the forum!

Savannah & Patricia I was referring to a variation that I created, not the “Create Your Own” on the link. The one I came up with is a product of a year of trial and error based on some of the original concepts, with a good size experimantal population. The main differences are everything is compound movements (i.e. no leg curls, ect.) and the reps, sets, tempos, and rest change every workout for 3 workouts, then back to the inital parameters and so on. Total volume must be calculated and increased every workout (kind of like EDT). It is too complex to lay out a mesocycle for you here, but 95% of the clients I have put on this have lost tremendous amounts of bodyfat, and either added or maintained muscle. A good portion of these folks weren’t too good about following my nutrition recs either. Play around with some ideas let me know what you try.