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German Body Comp for Woman

Maybe a stupid question to some but I am a newbie (under a year). My wife wants to start doing the GBC with me. She is stoked about squats and deadlifts and pullups because she wants to get strong. My question is that even though it was written for men she would still see great gains using the workout program right? She’s tired of the fluff and believes most woman are getting scammed by trainers that want them to do cable machines. Thanks in advance all.

My wife is doing Deads Bench and Chins… shes psyched at the progress shes making, she was very resistant (never gonna do it) to lifting until very recently

She accomplished her first unassisted chin last week… now shes up to 2, shes stoked!

I appreciate the effects deads are having on her posterior chain =]

Any program will work for a woman…good for her! and women geet scammed all the time in gyms. I listen in on the trainers at my gym all the time. here’s my favorite: woman watching me doing clean and press, to her trainer: wow, she’s lifting a lot of weight. trainer: yes, but that much weight will make her get big, and you don’t want that. woman: oh…ok for god’s sake I was only doing about 50 pounds. look out arnold, here comes michelle!!! anyway, if you can do it, she can do it…have fun!!!

I just want to say (because I am female) that since I started reading this site my squat went from 95lbs to 215lbs for sets of five (as of last Tues). (And my legs are a hell of a lot shaplier and slimmer than ever) I am not bragging, (ok a little, but just about that shapliness part)(and I mean SHAPLIE!) I just want to give a small example of how much the information about workouts and diets here is not only for men. I didn’t use the GBC specifically but have used the principles that have been discussed in this forum. I think if she used GBC as well as a good diet then her results will be phenomenal.

My wife is doing bench, squats and assisted chins… she is pumped everytime she raises the weight. Thank god she realized cardio has it’s place, but is not king. The biggest thrill she gets is lifting more weight and using routines that most at our gym don’t go near.

My training partner is my girlfriend. I started training her 3 1/5 years ago because she was too young & attractive to be overweight (5’2", 185lbs, >38% bodyfat, size 14). I told her I that she was going to train like a man, not a “sissy”! I started training her with basic lifts using barbells & dumbbells. To date she has lost over 65 lbs (weighs 116 lbs @ 15% bodyfat, size 1-2!). She looks awesome! Her muscles are now firm and shapely. She squats 205 lbs for 6 sets of 10-12 reps, deadlifts 115 lbs for 6 sets of 10 reps, incline dumbbell press 50 lbs for 6 sets of 12 reps. No less than 24 sets per workout–except on squat/deadlift day, I just make her suffer through 12 sets–it’s usually Friday. So you see, I think it’s great that your wife wants to do squats, deadlifts, etc. Encourage her to do so. I’m sure GBC will work if she likes the routine and will stick with it. Just encourage her and keep her motivated (one day she may be training you–happened to me!). Good luck with training.

Thanks guys…we started today and she’s very sore. She said it was the best workout yet. She did not glow…she was drenched in sweat. Loved the pullups. Thanks again all.