GERD/Acid Reflux Problem

I’m not a hippy little man bun beta male before you flame, I have an issue with acid reflux…

My doctor told me H2 Blockers and Anti Acids work but I feel like it is a stupid concept due to the fact that GERD is caused by an in production of Stomach Acid so these will only suppress my symptoms and not get rid of my “SLIN Gut” that’s what it looks like, I’m worried because my goal physique (Lifetime)

is something like that of Frank Zane and since I’m 5ft 7 I won’t have to have as big measurements I also made a thread on “Why are my and distended” the picture on there isn’t so good… I feel like GERD is one of the reasons I have to eat 5000 calories a day to go up on the scales, If I can stop that… that’d be great.

I’m just gonna put it out there that you think you eat 5000 a day. The reality is your probably not and getting much much less hence the scale not going up much.

You look normal.


I have 1.2kg of Pasta per day and 2 shakes that are milk + peanut butter around 500+ calories each and 300g of chicken then cheese on my meals

I remember going for a run on my ADSC day (Army Selection) had a full English breakfast went for a run straight after and had acid reflux throughout and came last, I may look fine but I’ve never felt good… it feels like holding in a hiccup basically.

pasta, cheese and milk are all foods that cause a lot of bloating. That’s probably what’s causing your distention.

Drop the pasta and the dairy for a few weeks and see what happens


To answer the question in the title: you eat more “Paleo” food.

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Have you tried Betaine HCl supplementation? Both my mom and grandpa supplemented as they got older and it helped immensely (stomach acid production may decrease with age).

A pill or two before a meal may help and if not, all you’ve wasted was $15 for the bottle. There’s a school of thought that says you should keep increasing dosage until you experience a burning sensation in your stomach; that doesn’t strike me as being particularly wise and I believe CThibs has a horror story about that as well.

<---- Not an MD (or any kind of doctor at all)

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I remember an article on here that recommended increasing your consumption of those pills each meal until you felt a warm sensation, then scaling it back a little.

I took like 15 pills before I was like “fuck this…”

I guess my stomach just produces zero acid of its own

I’m going to second what was said above cause it seems like a very obvious answer, but eat more paleo food calories than your maintenance calories.

By paleo, do you mean low carb paleo or are you OK with low gut irritant, low fructose carb sources like potatoes and yams and plantains? I personally consider Paleo to mean low fructose, low linoleic acid and no gut irritant starches, basically wheat, corn, legumes and oats. Rice is not paleo but tends to be low in gut irritants.

Yep I’ve gone to that and made a sauce with Ginger which may help my gut[quote=“Yogi1, post:10, topic:228039, full:true”]
I remember an article on here that recommended increasing your consumption of those pills each meal until you felt a warm sensation, then scaling it back a little.

I took like 15 pills before I was like “fuck this…”

I guess my stomach just produces zero acid of its own

Yeah I looked up the pills and it works out around 90p per meal which on my wages I can’t afford… I heard about Apple Cider Vinegar so I may try that but I’ve cut Dairy and Wheat now

Where do you live?

As gut irritants and how to strengthen gut health itself i actually have a fair amount of knowledge about this because of my own experience. Fermented foods contain enzymes that help your body make up for the lack of acid.

You don’t need those pills. I suggest start having a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before breakfast and before dinner. You can also eat kimchi, sauerkraut, and more cabbage into your diet, as well as Greek Yogurt and pineapple. Bone broth is another really easy thing to make and you can pour it on food or just drink it.

The best thing i actually did was make my own fermented cabbage juice. its fking gross but it literally next to changed my life as far as pain and digestive abilities. Its simple to make too. All and all the biggest thing is not eat the foods that will fuck with your stomach. Process carbs, pasta, cheeses, milk all of those in excess will be a pain in the ass and your stomach literally.

As for bulking, again just eat more of the shit you can eat without discomfort. You can get big off just about any food.

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No it’s not, your in the UK not Sudan. Volvic, Buxton, highland spring… come on.

why would you even want to eat those things if they’re fucking you up?

Also, like kd13 said, of course you can get those drinks. Why would it be hard in the UK? What a ridiculous thing to say.

Choose which matters more to you - eating/drinking whatever you want or being healthy and choose accordingly. You can’t have both.

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if you’re asking if you could get to a point where you could fix your insides up enough to be able to go outside those lines a little bit, in my experience yes, but only on occasion. Like a treat your self kind of thing.

The other statement i just truly dont understand. Its hard to get something that isnt non carbonated, no sugar? I feel confident that the UK has a plethora of WATER which you should be drinking close to a gallon of anyway a day. Throw some lemons in it to change the taste if you don’t like it.


I’m confused by the question.

Eat more calories than you burn. You will bulk. Start with BWx18 for a month and see where you are a month from now.

Also, most would advise against trying to gain mass on a carb restrictive diet.

Ok ordered apple cider vinegar, I have a fibre supplement so I get in about 30g of the good stuff a day, is that enough?, Currently I eat 50g peanut butter 10g chocolate spread 500ml coconut milk in a shake then 4 x 300g rice and 100g Chicken a day which gets me at the 4,000+ mark, I’ll try Greek yoghurt and try limit myself

Bradford is worse than Sudan lmao.

I mean you’re going to have to find what is “enough” for you. The way i do it is: 5 minutes before breakfast and dinner (while its cooking) have a table spoon or 2 of ACV in a half glass of water. Then maybe have a greek yogurt with lunch or right before you do to bed, as like the last thing of the day. Simple. You maybe have to add a little more or less, but i guarantee adding the ACV will make an impact almost right away.

Do you think my and could on top of GERD be a training mistake, If I flex my and look like Sylvester Stallone in Rambo 3 (minus the lower as I’m not as diced) but I used to train them a lot when I was younger, hundreds of situps/crunches/jack knives/Mike Chang ab workouts ( mind you unflexed they look like his )

I came across this video :

My body unflexed looks like that of an alien, I’m going to stop work on abs apart from squats because of this.