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Gerard Depardieu Pisses On Plane


At least he didn’t drop a Gerard Depardieu-dieu


Haha! Coincidentally, Gerard is also the name of the banker who shit on a plane back in '96. Anyone remember that news item?

[i]The president of an investment banking company has been charged
with assaulting a flight attendant after being refused alcoholic drinks and
then defecating on a service cart in the first-class cabin. The lawyer for
the executive, Gerard Finneran, said his client denies the charges.
Finneran, president of TCW Americas Development Inc., was arraigned
in federal court in Brooklyn Monday after the incident Friday on a United
Airlines flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to New York.

Finneran, 58, of Greenwich, Connecticut, is charged with intentionally
assaulting and intimidating a flight attendant and interfering with the
performance of an attendant. Finneran was released on a $100,000
personal recognizance bond. “He vigorously denies the allegations and
anticipates an early and favorable disposition of the matter,” Finneran’s
attorney, John Finnegan said, reading from a prepared statement. He
refused to comment further.

Finneran is a former executive with Citicorp and Drexel Burnham
Lambert Inc. and is considered an expert in Third World debt. While at
Citibank he managed the U.S. Corporate Finance Division and the Latin
American and Canadian investment banking activities. TCW is an affiliate
of Los Angeles-based Trust Co. of the West. It is the general partner of
TCW Americas Development Association L.P., a funds invested in Latin
American debt and equities.

According to the complaint, Finneran began drinking alcoholic
beverages before the flight took off and continued during the flight.
Prosecutors alleged that the crew initially served him beverages but he
eventually started “getting up and serving alcoholic beverages to
himself.” When members of the crew told him to stop, he demanded they
serve him more drinks, and when one male attendant refused, Finneran
allegedly threatened to “bust his ass,” the complaint said.

At the same time, another male attendant had been notified a passenger
was ill and went to the cockpit to get a first aid kit. On his way back to
the passenger, Finneran allegedly harassed the attendant and delayed
him from helping the sick passenger.

Prosecutors alleged that at another point in the flight, Finneran
approached a female flight attendant and demanded that she serve him a
drink. When she refused, he allegedly pushed her by placing both hands
on her chest, causing her to fall into one of the seats on the plane. A
male flight attendant then entered the first-class section of the plane and
saw Finneran “with his pants and underwear down defecating on a
service cart used by the flight crew,” the complaint said. “Finneran then
used linen napkins as toilet paper and wiped his hands on various
service counters and service implements used by the crew,” the
complaint alleged. “Finneran also tracked feces throughout the aircraft.”

In response, the captain of the flight, which was four hours from New
York, suspended all food and beverage service due to the possibility of
an infectious condition.[/i]

welp, guess it’s time to put the old boy down.


Those French People…

Top 4 Bizarre Airline Incidents


[quote]DarkNinjaa wrote:

Those French People…


THOSE Fench people? Should you mean “Us” Fench people?

Depardieu has become Porthos… To the fullest.


I read this in the news earlier and I couldn’t believe that the plane had to go back to clean the carpet. Can’t they sue Depardieu for this? Man, I lose another flight because that drunken retard was messing around and I make sure he stars the next one of Les Misérables, with him as the most miserable person ever.

I like how urinate was in scare quotes. So does that mean he did something else?

Also, I love how the link is to my hometown’s newspaper!

Just makes me love Depardieu even more.