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Georgia's Strongest Man 2011


Awesome job guys! I hate that I missed it this year.

[quote]ashika wrote:
Awesome job guys! I hate that I missed it this year.[/quote]

Thank you, it was a fun contest and they had a great venue.

I spoke with the Georgia State Chairman and he said that they are going to have another indoor contest at the fitness expo later this year.

Man wish I had known about this I definitely would of competed!

[quote]LiquidMercury wrote:
Man wish I had known about this I definitely would of competed![/quote]

I will try to post information on upcoming contests here, this weekend I will be down in Florida for an event in Fort Myers (SW Florida’s Strongest Man V).

Full write-up for the contest…

Georgia’s Strongest Man 2011 Write-Up:
This was a great contest last year and this year was at an even bigger venue with some fun events. I decided to compete with just a couple of weeks notice and only two weeks after competing at the Arnold. My training partner Adam Scherr agreed to come down to Georgia with me and compete as well.

There were 9 total competitors in the 265 lbs class and about 16 overall HW competitors. I weighed in before the contest at around 225 lbs making me the lightest competitor by at least 15 lbs.

Press Medley: 245 lbs Log, 275 lbs Axle, 280 lbs Log, 140 lbs DB, 220 lbs Keg
This event was on grass and there was a slight slope which presented a bit of a challenge. The equipment was top notch but I have not had much time to train with anything but the log/axle. I ran through the first three implements with relative ease and then grabbed the dumbbell and could not get my footing, tried to press it anyway but could not hold the lockout and dropped the implement. Grabbed it again and after a little stumble managed to press it to lockout and move on to the keg. I one-motioned the keg from my lap and finished all implements in around 50 seconds. This was good for 1st place on the event.

Deadlift for Reps: 600 lbs Barbell from 15-16"
We had to pause each rep on the ground and wait for up/down commands, and there were some big numbers posted in this event. I managed to pull six reps pretty quickly and then two more with a bit of a struggle. Went for a 9th rep which would have tied me for first place but the bar stuck to my thighs and I was not able to bring it to lockout. Finished with 8 reps, tied for 2nd Place.

Arm-Over-Arm Pull: 20,000+ lbs Bus up and incline.
This event looked brutal and by this time the heat was also becoming a factor. Many of the competitors only pulled the bus a few feet and I knew that I would have to battle for every inch. I managed to get the bus moving and immediately could tell that this would take everything that I had to keep the bus going. Used my legs and managed to get a couple of good pulls with the rope. On one of the last pulls the rope slid and tore my forearm apart, managed to get the bus 12-14 feet which was good for around 4th or 5th in this event.

Tire Flip: 800 lbs Tire for 10 reps
The tire is usually a good event for me and I was looking to keep a good pace on this event. At this point in the afternoon everyone was trying to find shade and stay hydrated since we had been competing for a few hours. I did not try to rush too much on the tire but kept a good pace and one-motioned all of the reps for a time of 39 seconds. Took 1st in this event and also finished first out of all HW competitors.

Atlas Stones: 255 lbs, 285 lbs, 310 lbs, 335 lbs, 365 lbs (all to 48")
Going into the atlas stones I had a 4.5 point lead in the contest, but still needed a solid performance to maintain my position. My back and biceps were tight and I was fairly exhausted after the tire flip, tried to relax for a bit and rehydrate. Prepared for the stones and when the whistle blew I placed the first three stones with relative ease. Grabbed the fourth stone and it went up smoothly as well. Took a quick breath and then attacked the 365 lbs stone and pulled it into my lap quickly, grabbed the stone and then drove it up onto the platform for a time of around 34 seconds. Good for 2nd place in this event and secured my 1st place finish overall.

This is my first win in the Heavyweight Division and also earned me a qualifying spot at 2011 North American Strongman Nationals. My training partner Adam also won the SHW Division with outstanding performances on the deadlift, truck pull, and stones. I would like to thank everyone who helped to put on the contest and it was great to see a lot of familiar faces and to meet a lot of new competitors.

Sounds like a blast. In the meets in the Southeast have you noticed if there are lighter weight classes? I’m weighing in at 181 right now but would love to give strongman a shot.

[quote]LiquidMercury wrote:
Sounds like a blast. In the meets in the Southeast have you noticed if there are lighter weight classes? I’m weighing in at 181 right now but would love to give strongman a shot.[/quote]

Most contests offer a 200 lbs class, so you would be giving up a little bit of bodyweight but should still be competitive. For your first contest you can always enter the Novice Division as well - I know that the contest that I just did had one and so does the event that I am judging this weekend (SW Florida’s Strongest Man).

Hmm, might just have to give this a go. Not sure how competitive I’d be, I’m athletic currently hitting 500/300/550 and could stand to put on some more size but I’ve always liked the concept of strongman so might just have to get this going.

Congrats, most impressive! What do you normally deadlift? Do you typically train for strongman?