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Georgia's Strongest Man 2007

We’re Back!!!

Georgia’s Strongest Man 2007 is on July 28th at XersiZ in Douglasville. We will be featuring heavy events this year so train hard. The entry form will be up soon to fill in the details, but until then, look for…

Max Log
Farmers Walk
Atlas Stones

The usual trophies will be awarded for 1st-3rd, but we are adding State Records on the log press for max and the Atlas Stones, which will also be awarded.

Look for more details soon. Good luck and look forward to seeing everyone.

These guys put on one hell of a contest, count me in again for this year! Do yourself a favor and come compete, you will have fun.


Here are the events. The official entry will be up on the NAS site in a few days.


  2. FARMERS 100? W/TURN (MA&LW-250, HW-290) (60 SEC. TIME LIMIT)

  3. DeadLift For REPS (~Stand. HT. -(450 MA, 500 LW, 600 HW) (60 sec time limit, straps allowed, no suits)

  4. MEDLEY-Yoke, Tire Flip, Sled Drag-50? Each-(Yoke-MA&LW 500, HW 600)(700 Tire)(Heavy Sled for MA and LW, Heavier for HW) (75 second time limit)

  5. ATLAS STONES (MA&LW-240,275,290,310,335, HW-275,290,310,335,390) (60 SECOND TIME LIMIT, 48? PLATFORM)

Divisions will be LW men and HW men, as well as an Open Masters division.

Most likely the deadlift will be an inch or two above normal starting position. We will be using tires and it will be an up and down signal on each rep.

I will video all of the events and post it up in a few weeks.

Here is the hotel info for everyone…

We have two hotels with rooms blocked off and a cheaper rate, the “official” hotel is the Hampton Inn…

It has king beds, with a pullout couch, there is a pool right there, and a full breakfast. The room is $75 a night, and must be reserved by 6/26/07 to get that rate. Just mention Georgia’s Strongest Man. It’s certainly the nicer of the two hotels. Only 5 minutes from the contest and 1 minute from the mall, lots of food places around there as well.

Hampton Inn
6371 Douglas Blvd.
Douglasville, GA 30135

The second hotel is the Sleep Inn…

They have 2 double beds, a pool, and are a bit cheaper; $69 a night. You must reserve your room before 6/27/07 to get the group rate. They are also 5 minutes from the contest, 5 minutes from the mall, and 1 minute from the wallmart. They are also close to a lot of food places.

Sleep Inn
7055 Concourse Parkway
Douglasville, GA 30134

here is the gym poster we are putting up around town. If you live in the area and want to print one and hang it up in your gym that would be great.

Count me in (obviously).

The farmers will be 4ft oxygen cylinders. The pick will be around 16". LW will use 250lbs and the HW will use 290lbs. The medley seems to be a gasser, so be ready.

The national LW log record is going down. Is there anyone out there to challenge Tom K?

We will have a training day at the gym around 1 month out from the contest and we also train at my house every saturday if you want to handle the equipment.
PM me

Contest next Saturday.

…I’ll be there, but I won’t be competing. I know, I know, all my adoring fans will be disappointed. Oh well.

Bumping this to the top. The contest is Saturday, July 28th (today or tomorrow, depending on when you read this)

So come out and watch everyone compete. This is going to be a heavy-ass contest, so it should be entertaining.


XersiZ Gym
5958 Stewart Parkway, Douglasville, GA 30135

(It’s around a mile or so, maybe less, from EXIT 34 off I-20).

I’ll try to get some pics if I can; apparently I’ll have a lot of work to do with changing weights and fun shit like that.

Make sure you say “hi” to the ugly, kinda fat, electively bald guy helping with the contest. Especially if you’re a hot chick. =D.