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Georgia Moon


I had an interesting (to me, anyway) experience today that also seems maybe interesting with regard to human psychology.

I bought a jar -- it comes in jars -- of Georgia Moon whiskey today. Aged less than 30 days. Colorless. The label looks like it was made from paper off a grocery bag.

I bought it for fun because I've never had moonshine.

However, I was absolutely surprised. While quite different in taste from any whiskey I'd ever had, in fact I wouldn't call it whiskey at all, it was smooth and frankly delicious.

I don't mean with reference to comparing as being in similar to whiskeys in general, which it is not: I mean in and of its own right.. It is its own drink and that is the way to evaluate it, I would say.

I wish I, in general, enjoyed cheap booze. It would be great to be able to like inexpensive alcohol. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. It is not out of snobbery (I am convinced) but just out of being cursed in just flat not in general liking alcohol that is lower quality. For example, after being introduced to Remy Martin XO but finding the price high, I bought a bottle of Remy Martin VSOP figuring that it should still be good. I poured it down the sink. Just couldn't drink it. There are any number of things that I just won't drink, that most think are okay. Not snobbery, but just being unable to enjoy them. Actually, unable to tolerate them.

Of course, it could be the case that I'm intolerant of certain bad things (whether it's levels of this congener or that, or some other cause) but on other things I have, as they say, no taste. I certainly couldn't begin to prove that and wouldn't want to.

ANYWAY, the point of the post is:

On seeing what opinions on the Internet were of that, I saw that this product is in at least in some cases incredibly savaged.

Is the product, in y'all's opinion, really a bad one?

Or is it rather that insecure people find themselves afraid and quite unable to say anything positive about a product that presents itself so cheap-appearing and in fact inexpensive? Could it be that they MUST show how much they hate it, to show that they are not rubes?

Or is it that I -- and Alpha F also -- have taste buds incapable of picking up or incapable of caring about some particular problem with this, though having no problem (too little problem really) in picking up undesirable aspects of other drinks?

Fundamentally I don't see why a good mash, properly done, fundamentally could not taste very good with rather minimal processing.

Or could it be that many can't appreciate what is still quite natural, closer to the original food (corn) it came from? To them, to be "good" something must be completely transformed by technical processes?

I certainly grant that one or more further runs through a pot still ought to improve the Georgia Moon. I am not claiming it is at a state of perfection. But rather that it is far more drinkable than claimed in sites rated high by Google. (Said ratings, of course, being devoid of human judgment.)



I don't know what you just said...but I have three jars of SOGM in my closet.


How do you drink it? ( Cold, room temp, straight, on the rocks, mixed with coke..)

Do you use for cooking ( I am thinking about using it in a marinade and stews.)

I was surprised at how much I liked it just room temp, straight and also mixed with coke.
The only other whiskey I like to drink is Laphroaig 50% volume, single malt, straight.


Dude, I'm sorry, I really can't quite comprehend exactly what you're asking either.

All I mostly read was another reason why MJ should be legalized.


That's a lot of words.

Could have said: Bought some 'shine. It was good. Usually I don't like cheap booze but am totally not a snob like some people that are only pretending not to like cheap stuff. Those are the real snobs. THE END.


Effects before taste. Once the effects hit who gives a fuck about taste, you just what more.


Room temperature out of the mason jar. That is how it is made to be drank.


FWIW I would drink that stuff while screaming Copperhead Road at the top of my lungs for an entire weekend.


It's a marketing gimmic. If I want real moonshine I'd make white lightning in my bathtub.


When we were kids we used to mix the white lightning we stole from my buddy's grandpa with grape juice. Or was it grape drink. Can't really remember.


If you like that get whisky (not whiskey that's Irish stuff) from isle of Islay, straight. Brilliant stuff.

EDIT: I meant STRAIGHT, NO ICE. Brain wasn't functioning


lol! Aye...there's a fair amount of rambling in the Op's post ^^

I'm not really much a drinker but when I do drink taste>brand. Regardless of what it is you'll get drunk on enough of it so in my opinion it's far better to drink something that's palatable than something that makes me want to hurl immediately. Unless it's a dare or group shots. That's different.


The purpose of letting alcohol age is twofold:

(1) to remove wood alcohol, formaldehydes, and other nasty organics out of the brew, which do not necessarily impact taste but can be dangerous and/or cause nasty hangovers. (Depending on what you start with, they degrade, react with charcol, have a different vapor point and largely evaporate, or are absorbed into the wood cask.)


(2) to impart taste by absorbotion of other impurities and/or modification of the congeners, typically various other organics of chared wood/oil.

Issue No. 1 is probably taken care of by some more careful chemistry and modern food science.

No. 2 is a matter of taste, and, as you note, an optional thing.

As an aside, the "introduced" impurities and/or intentional congeners that give the traditional taste of whiskey, while not dangerous (like, say, wood alcohol taken care of in step one) also cause hangovers, so, assuming No. 1 is taken care of by science, this clear whiskey (which is a lot more like vodka than whiskey) would probably give you less of a hangover.

Indeed, I would opine that such coloress stuff is a "vodka" rather than a "whiskey," lack of potatoes or not.


That's not even real strong moonshine grain alcohol grade (also found in GA). A lot of the stuff I've had down here pushes 170 proof+. 80 proof moonshine is just homemade alcohol not the strong stuff most people think about when someone says moonshine.


Right ^ That stuff isn't moonshine,just marketing


It's the same thing, except you're not going to get thrown in jail for the night for having a crate of it in your closet.


No such thing as straight with ice.


Of course it is not actual moonshine...moonshine is illegal by definition.


Well, on the being rambling, I had just drunk some of the stuff. And most of the time I'm not known for being extremely concise and to the point anyway. :wink:

And while it's true I could have written "Bought some 'shine. It was good. Usually I don't like cheap booze but am totally not a snob like some people that are only pretending not to like cheap stuff. Those are the real snobs," my main interest really was in why all the hateful bloggings about this particular product.

Does it really taste bad to many?

Or is it a snob objection?

I don't know, and was asking opinions. In my rambling way.



YES. That Laphroaig from the isle of Islay, but no ice for me.