Georgia Meets?

Does anyone know of any full meets in georgia this year?

North Georgia Barbell has, in the past, put on a heck of a good meet in the fall. I believe it was usually September. The last one I was at was in Cherokee County. Jon Grove is the meet director.

thanks man has a listing of meets. You can search by state, fed, etc.

Jeremy- I train out at NGBB. The APF GA State Meet is usually the biggest multi-ply meet in GA. Jon doesn’t really pump the meet that much- but like Dr. J said, look for it in Sept or Oct. Also, the last couple years, there has been an APF “classic” meet in May. It’s APF rules and judges, squats are done in a monolift- but gear is limited to belts and wraps. This meet has been a big draw the last couple years and it’s a real fun meet. Sometimes SPF puts on meets in GA but they are usually just push-pulls.

If you’re up for a little road trip, the AL State APF meet is in April in Gadsden.

jeremy, what part of georgia are you frm and what do your stats look like?

and if you go to google, and type in georgia powerlifting meets, the first link usually has the info you need.