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Georgetown-Chinese Team Brawl



Gotta hand it to the Hoyas. They seemed aware that they were representing more than themselves and handled it better than I think I could have. That said, my skin was crawling watching those cowardly fuckers on the Chinese team.


Well,it wasn't as if the Sino-American relationship was doing good anyway.


Damn Chinese! If their food wasnt so good....


Pretty pathetic showing by the Chinese. That article doesn't mention that the FT differential was 57 to 15 in favor of the Chinese. They were damn near blatantly cheating and still couldn't beat amateur American athletes. And if you watch the video it's clearly the Chinese who started the trouble. I hope the dude that got hit with the chair is okay.

So much for "Goodwill Games" lol


They're just staking their claim as our new overlords.

but that shit was stupid you could tell that one Chinese player who started it all was looking for an opportunity to cause drama.



Props to the G-Men that weren't pussy and actually fought. Props also to the instigators and the majority of the Chinese team that wanted to rumble. I love the passion and enthusiasm the Chinese have for sports and you really saw that in the video.

Also thanks for the website OP, something new I can waste my time on.


I have heard and read that China is very anti-foreiner so it wasnt a surprise that this happened

Also it looked like the Chinese "professional" team were the clear aggressor, one the GT players got the ole ground and pound for at least 10 seconds before someone got Chinese player off of him. I thought the GT players showed restraint, though I would of loved to see the Chinese players do that to Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson I dont think the same restraint would of been shown, and I would of loved it.

Edit: in looking at it again, it seems as if the G'town player threw a punch to start the melee


What did china ever do for sports? Yao Ming? What a bust.


He was actually pretty dominant in his prime before all the foot troubles.

Career average of 19 PPG and 9.3 RBG isn't what I'd call a bust, but I agree he could've been better. Unfortunately his foot problems had him retire at 30


Chur bro.


lol China Ball!

Funny, the video reminded me of when I used to play pick up in highschool and University with Chinese kids studying from abroad. They were always first to complain about fouls, rules etc. and start unnecessary confrontations than other people.

I'm Chinese myself but I was brought up in Canada. Needless to say, this was embarrassing to watch.


This is false. The Chinese are a very friendly and hospitable people.


China was awarded 57 free throws in the game.

Georgetown was awarded 15 free throws in the game.

Enough said.

You can't call a game like that and expect it to stay civil. China just wants to try to win at something...even if they have to cheat to get there.


Watch London. They stepped up their game with thier billions of evil dollars to ensure that they'd get there. They were still topped in medal count.

Last time I checked it was the Olympic "Games" anyhow, not the olympic "sports."