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Georges St. Pierre Thanks Spike



He thanks Spike (Yes the Biotest supplement not the channel) as a sponsor but moreover it shows him with my man Renzo Gracie and John Danaher..
There is a link to the Penn interview too. This will be a tough one for GSP if Penn comes in shape but it's good to see him boning up on his BJJ skills.

I wish I could get a Spike rash gaurd or those Spike grappling shorts he has??? T-Nation?? Anyone??


Cool. Funny sidenote, I just caught myself reading the interview with GSP's 'annle my riddum' accent going in my head every time I read one of his answers.

Looking forward to the fight with BJ and hopefully, after he wins, the title shot against Hughes.



I don't even take Spike, but to have some grappling shorts that has anything Biotest related Im down for. I would rather advertise for them then BadBoy anyways.


GSP will dominate Penn, that is all I have to say about that.


I think you're wrong there....


I hardly believe he will dominate but in the end I think he will prevail by decision.

That's my 1 million lira or about 2 cents.


We all know that MMA math doesn't work, but you guys need to keep in mind that Matt Hughes countered GSPs BJJ with his own for the submission in their fight, and when BJ fought Hughes he practically gave him a BJJ clinic. I think this will come down to whoever makes a mistake first. But by no means will this be an easy fight for either of them.


GSP is my favorite fighter since Hulk Hogan and I was too young then to know he wasn't a real fighter. St. Pierre and the Crow are just insane. I'm picking him to beat BJ via flying spin kick :slight_smile:

Also, count me in for some Spike grappling shorts!

...free give away if he wins?!?!


Odds are neither will dominate the other.
Standing, their hands are more even than people think. GSP has better kicks but not to a degree that they'll win the fight I don't think.
BJ is tough to take down and that is one of GSP's best things and I want to see who does what in that realm.

On the ground BJ has a big advantage over this guy.

If BJ is keeping in shape and doing his cross fit or whatever he should be good.
GSP could KO him if he slips up but I see BJ having more chances to end the fight.
BJ likes to party and the question I have is, is he conditioned for this? If so, I put my money on him.

GSP could watch how some others have stayed safe from BJ's attacks and GSP will have to capatilize on the rare openings as he gets them. BJ makes very few mistakes.


I disagree. Most people think GSP has better striking then BJ because what stands out in BJs career are his submissions but his striking is top notch. I really don't see him KOing BJ especially since he has never KOed anyone in a pro fight.

BJ isn't going to be the first one. BJ on the other hand has KOed Caol Uno and went toe to toe with Gomi. Granted Gomi is much lighter then GSP but for sure in a standup only fight Gomi>GSP.

I think GSP has a strength advantage but I don't think he can outstrike BJ. I also think GSP's wrestling is better then Penn's, but Penn wins the striking and submission matches.


haha, dominate? Has anyone ever dominated Penn? No. Has anyone ever knocked Penn out? No. Has Penn fought far superior strikers, even going up to heavyweight to fight a guy who knocked out Franklin and going to a decision?

Yes. Has Penn held the UFC belt? Yes. Has Penn lost the UFC belt via fight? No. Has Penn beaten the current WW champ? Yes. Has GSP? No.

Where are all of you guys who are saying Penn will be dominated coming from? I give GSP a shot at winning, but I don't know how you guys think Penn will be torn apart. Ri-frickin-diculous.


That's what I'm saying. While most people think GSP's striking is much better, with the hands, I don't think they are. I think their hands are pretty even. GSP is a better kicker, but I don't think that will win it for him.


Exactly! the biggest threat to BJ is.....BJ. If he doesn't prep right or take GSP serious that is the only way I see him losing. That or the chance KO. As long as he is conditioned he'll be fine. And even though everyone mocks him when he talks of Rich Franklin, he has a shot there too. When this guy gets on the ground it is TROUBLE. I'd give him a shot against Tito to be honest.


Come on, we all know MMA math doesn't work. When two elite fighers face off who have never fought each other before, it's difficult to be sure of anything.


Yeah, but, GSP takes Spike. so :P~


BJ Penn is extremely talented and well.. GSP is a good fighter, but not quite up in Penn's world IMO.


I wanted to see more about GSP, so I did a video search on him and came up with this highlight collection that I thought was pretty cool.


Are there any other sites or videos where you can see a bunch of clips from some of your favorite fighters?