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George St Pierres' P90X?



Has anyone seen any of these workouts? Or heard anything about the program?


RUSHFIT is designed to challenge YOU. You will need a small assortment of dumbbells or hand held weights. We recommend sets that range from 2lbs to 25lbs. Regardless of ability level, it is unlikely that youâ??ll require more than 25lb weights. Itâ??s not how much weight you lift! The secret to the results comes from endurance and strength built up by pushing your body through maximum reps â?? not maximum weight!

He is just cashing in at the peak of his earning power.

Not worth serious discussion.


That's exactly what I thought, just making sure that I wasn't the only one :slight_smile:


Lol at the crooked Quebec Fleur de Lys


Depending on your goals this looks like it could be very challenging.


Challenging doesn't mean anything. Clapping your hands is challenging for an 800 person in a wheelchair. It doesn't mean it's good. I agree... this looks exactly like P90X...


No actually challenging does mean something. If that 800 (I assume you mean "pound")person is challenged by clapping then it is a step in the right direction for that person.


It's not a crooked Fleur de Lei, it's GSP in the shape of a Fleur de Lei. gSp