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George Soros = Fritz Thyssen?

Funny how rich people can’t find better things to do with their money:

“In 1923, Thyssen met former General Erich Ludendorff, who advised him to attend a speech given by Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party. Thyssen was impressed by Hitler and his bitter opposition to the Treaty of Versailles, and began to make large donations to the party. In this he was unusual among German business leaders, as most were traditional conservatives who regarded the Nazis with suspicion. Postwar investigators found that he had donated 650,000 Reichsmarks to right-wing parties, mostly to the Nazis, although he remained a member of the German National People’s Party until 1932, and did not join the Nazi Party until 1933.”

One has to wonder if Soros will stumble out of the country, after unleashing Hillary upon it, and be heard to say: “Wie dumm von mir!” (How stupid of me!)