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George Mason

They beat my Heels, but damn, you have to tip your hat. They are gamers. So, how far do you think they’ll go?

And honestly, who’s bracket is even remotely unfucked? Not mine…

talk about UPSET

that’s gotto be the first time a double digit seed has beaten a #1 to go to the final four.

fucking awesome!

Being that they’re my alma matter, I hope they go all the way and I think they have a decent shot to do just that. Win or lose though, this has been an incredible run for them.

P.S. Yeah, I am a huge Pitt fan too (as my avatar shows), I transferred to GMU and graduated from there.

geoge mason tried pretty hard to blow their small leads that game but damn…i was rooting for them. Great effort, and great at showing how far heart and smart play can take you.

I know nothing about college basketball, dont follow it at all during the season but filled out a bracket and if nova wins today or UCLA loses in the semis I will clinch my office pool. Unfortunately i predicted texas to win it all but i made some good upset picks based largely on no knowledge at all outside a short ESPN radio bracket breakdown pre tourney. I think i am currently 98% percentile on Yahoos bracket for the tournament. The college bball fans in my office are disgruntled to say the least. Goes to show you what wild guesses and intutition based on nothing whats so ever can bring.

Didn’t do a bracket this year, and it’s probably a good thing. I just happened to catch the end of the game this afternoon. They’ve impressed me that’s for sure. I wouldn’t mind seeing this team win it all; it’d make for a good story.


I’m still leading the office pool…(~60 entries)…but I had UCONN as my nat’l champ, so GM pretty much screwed me up. My best hope to still win would be LSU winning the next game, and GM winning it all (since no one will have them).

If it wasn’t for the pool, I would have been thrilled to see them move on. Oh well…

Here’s an interesting factoid:

As an 11 seed, GMU shares the distinction of lowest seed in a Final Four with the 1986 LSU Tigers, which was the last Final Four LSU made it to until this year.