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George Leeman Against Low Reps For Strength


He says that if you start at a heavy weight doing 5 reps its only a matter of time before you stall because the weight gets too heavy for you to progress.

I have stalled out on two major lifts my bench and my row and I am thinking about cutting the weight by a lot and working with higher reps.

Im currently hitting 87.5kg for 3 reps on my bench and 100kg for 5 reps on my barbell row.

So now I am thinking about “resetting” my lifts to 70kg for bench and 80kg for row and going from there.

Going one rep from failure on the first two sets and hit failure on the last set. Adding 2.5kg every workout (twice a week). Hopefully after 4 weeks of adding 5kg to my lifts I will be rapping 90kg on bench and 100 on row.

Is this a good plan for progression ?

or do the loads start too light for me to gain strength and size ?

My elbows could also use the break from the low rep training.


Try it and find out. 1 month is insignificant in your overall ‘training lifetime’, and you may learn something valuable about what you respond best to. Also, I doubt that Leeman is egregiously wrong.

As long as you do progress with the lighter weights, then it will be a good plan for progression.


Volume works for most people and it’s less of a stressor than intensity.


if you only ever train in a single rep range, you’re missing out on potential #gainz, IMO


You again?

You’re skinny. Eat some food and build some muscle. Follow a program from someone reputable, because you have no idea what you’re doing.


If you want your strength to go up, GAIN MUSCLE. If you want to bring a lift up, TRAIN THE LIFT.

The fundamental flaw in your thinking is that your goal is size and you believe a 225lb bench will get you there. In this case, it is the opposite.

(This doesn’t mean you can’t do both. I am simply pointing out the problem with your thought process.)


I’ll give you a golden advice:

Stop thinking.

Do some of the 5/3/1 beginner programs (with 5’s pro + 5x5fsl) exactly as written for at least 3 cycles. Then do the original 5/3/1 with the triumvirate for 2 cycles. Eat, sleep and recover.

I’m 100% sure that you’ll get bigger and stronger.


Eat more and stop worrying about fat gain. It’s like This

“A crack head that hasn’t eaten all week can have a six pack. Time under the bar and hard work builds monster traps”.

Eat more recover better eat some more and then eat before bed.

Remember for all those skinny bastards out there. If you don’t feel like another bite will make you puke, you’re not eating enough. If that whole milk gallon sits in your refrigerator for more than a day you’re not drinking enough.

One of the guys at the gyms wife was a college thrower. She weighs 145lbs and has a max bench of 215lbs.

Stop worrying about the wrong things. Eat more stick to a program and find the weaknesses in your recovery not the program


I don’t particularly like George Leeman.

Just lift and eat man. Stop worrying about the minutia. People who do what you’re doing, who have the mentality you have, don’t fucking succeed, ever. You gotta fix your head game first and foremost.